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'Shri Krishna-Karnamrita': Seventy-third Shloka

ctad idam upanatam tamala-nilam , 
tarala-vilocana-tarakabhiramam  | 
mudita-mudita-vaktra-candra-bimbam , 
mukharita-venu-vilasi jivitam me  ||73||

Simple Meaning:

Flute-Player Krishna, Comes Close to His Beloved

The beloved of my heart has approached me. His bodily hue is bluish like the tamala1 tree, His charming star like eyes move restlessly, the radiant orb of His laughing, delightful moonlike face puts the splendour of the rising moon to shame. I have attained the flute player who is sportively sounding His flute,or in other words He has come close to me.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna Whispers into the Flute's Ears

Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj is saying...Ah! My very life, who is blue-hued like the tamal tree, bends slightly and transmits some incomparable sweet rasa. One wonders why he is slightly bent. He seems to be loading some special message in the flute's ear- whispering some enchanting mantra, drawn by which His beloved sweetheart comes running to Him. Look at this! Just have a look. That is why His eyes have become restless.

Tarala drig-anchal:

Shri Radha is Drawn by Krishna's Flute Play

 Why has Billavmangalji used these words. Sentimental memories of His beloved Radha has loaded much more rasa in His naturally juicy eyes. Motivating the flute to send this particular message to Her, Krishna is fully assured that His beloved will certainly come to him now. She can not refrain herself from doing so. And so, His face blooms instantly. The rapturous expressions on His face give themselves airs. Soon enough, the flute resounds melodiously, and begins sending His message. 'This blue-hued sportive, handsome Youth playing the flute, whose pupils are becoming restless with rapture splashed all over His face...Yes this blue hued young boy is my very life,' says Billavmangalji.


Braj Beauties are Attracted by The Melody of Krishna's Flute

 What a beautifully sweet name. Not just a sportive flute player but a ringing flute player. Flirting is possible only by teasing the beloved. Romantic dalliance can not take place by sitting calmly, quietly and motionless! Indeed,dallying is possible by playful teasing, bustle and other loving advances.So Krishna tickles the greatly fortunate flute with His slender red lips. She can not control His teasing dalliance and thus expresses her joy through the melodious sound. The flute does not do so on intentionally, or on purpose.Can anyone reveal the love talk and secret matters of affectionate caressing before anyone? She is probably thrilled by His love laden teasing...the enchanting melody is the outcome of her rapture. Therefore, irrespective of social constraints, Braj beauties who hear its melody are drawn to Krishna's side in delicious anguish.


Blue-hued Krishna's Eyes are Fluid & Fickle

 What does Shri Billavmangalji mean by these two words? Fickleness is expressive of many bhavas or feelings. Compassion is loaded with fluidity, love is also full of fluidity and fickleness. Compassion and love are its special resting places. Krishna, is not just a flute player flirting with His flute but His eyes are also fluid and fickle. At this moment, compassion, love, capriciousness and several other tender feelings have probably made Krishna's pair of eyes fickle and fluid. Waiting for His beloveds, Krishna seems to be getting restless.

taral drig anchal:

Shri Radha-Krishna's Eyes are Locked Together

 How is this fludity? Those who have imprisoned these fluid eyes with their own eyes even for a second, their eyes have become fluid for all times to come. This is probably known as being besides oneself with love, being delirious in love, sweetness of love and god knows what all!

1Tamal: an evergreen tree having dark bark and white flowers

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