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Prem Sudha Dhara: Kakiji

(Page 175)

Shri Ram Known as Avadh Kishore Enchants Sita ji
Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

19th March 1990

Dear Kaki,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

For once I do not know what to write. May the compassionate Shri Ramji with his innate divinity, inspire me to pen a write-up! Look Kaki, I plan to confine God who exists in the elusive fields, forests and streams of our heart with loving tenderness, in a narrative. He can not be bound. Thus accounts of his sweet escapades and delightful divine play become practiced religion which urges us into complete absorption in the joy of Lord Rama; deepening our affection as we live out stories from his cosmic world.

Sitaji, our adorable svamini, or devotional ideal, encapsulates the idea of shringara devotion that propels Vaishnava bhakti. Her perspectives and thoughts, voice not only her own loving relationship with Rama, but equally those of her sakhis. She very well knows their hearts' exquisite desires, and ardent longings. Enraptured by love on one pleasant ethereal morn, the svamini looked at her pranvallabhava with a side-long glance and smiled. The enchantingly passionate smile implied an ardent message.

The discerner of bhavas (feelings), Shri Avadh Kishore, momentarily treasured the glimse in his huge lovely eyes. He smiled too. In the mutual exchange of this enthused acceptance, Priyaji snuggling her head on his broad chest was thrilled. And the repository of loving tenderness, the dark-hued Rama taking the soft hand of his beloved in his own; caressed it passionately, bewitched by her generosity.

Ardent longing and exquisite desire is the sole means of attaining the divine. One day in the charmingly splendid evening, Mithilavasini Kishori surrounded by Ayodhyavasini sakhis uttered such an enchanting revelation that those sakhis could not check their surges of delightful ecstasy. The condition was apparent by their adulating glances which exalted Svaminiji's remark, their enthralled state and in several other ways. Not expressed verbally,the intoxicating gratitude cascaded from their eyes.

Today with enthused exultation of Ramji's birth-celebrations,Shri Janak Nandini along with her dear sakhis is resplendent in a private room of the royal palace. Avdeshmaharaj (Rama) is holding court in the huge courtyard outside. Merriment is in full swing. Songs singing his glories and greetings resonate in the ambience.The bhavan and groves ring with the sweet melodies of shahnais and the delicious commotion of congratulations-the sky and earth are entranced. Today the madhuri or sweetness of Purshottam'(the Supreme Being, a title of Rama) is unprecedented.

His eyes reveal a distinct joyful charm not just because of his birthday but indicative of some charming incidence earlier in the day. He turned to look at the room once. A cool breeze blew the curtain and the sakhis with their svamini seated inside, gazed at that momentary glimpse. It had the same assurance which the dark-hued supreme lover had given them earlier. They were all in a state of rapture now.

Shri Krishna or Shri Vrindavan Bihari Enchants Shri Radha

Precisely the same assurance, the same silent boon manifested in the form of Shri Vrindavan Bihari in fortunate earthly Vraja to spread joy and delight. Here one is not bound by the burden of highly restrictive social conventions. We have pristine romantic dalliances and spirited amorous frolics of Lord Krishna. Kandarp (title of Kama, the god of love) dances to his tune and Rati (wife of the god of love) struts as per his indications. Ecstasy is apparent in their side-long flirtatious romantic exchanges. The enraptured sakhis are delighted in the irrepressible joy of Shri Radha-Krishna, nurturing their surges of exquisite desire in various ways.

Ah,have a look Kaki how joyous abandon and merriment pervade the environs! I wish the Lord makes us sensitively experience the joy and delight. Shri Svamini and the love-laden sakhis bestow a restless longing, an eagerly desirous craving, an elated yearning and we attain a divine and transcendental love in the constant closeness of Lord Krishna, the colour of the condensed sky and his splendidly radiant Radha.

The cry of the impassioned soul for union with god is centered in earthly Vrindavana. May the divine Kishore and Kishori make us their own, with complete absorption in their enchanting Yugal (pair;Shri Radha-Krishna are in essence a single entity who manifest as two distinct individuals for the sake of interpersonal romantic exchange) form.

With love,

Your's Bobo

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