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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Fourteenth Shloka

madhurya-varidhi-madambu-taranga-bhangi ,
shringara-sankulita-shita-kishora-vesham  |
amanda-hasa-lalitanana-candra-bimbam ,
ananda-samplavam anu plavatam mano me  ||14||

Simple Meaning:

The Moonlike Face of Lord Krishna

May the tide of religious rapture rising in the ocean of sweetness drench my heart forever and ever; in which the lovely moonlike face of Krishna made charming by a mild smile is being reflected.Krishna has an extremely cool youthful body. Shringara or the erotic sentiment and adornment emanating from water waves rippling in this ocean of sweetness, alleviate all kinds of sufferings.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Rising Tide in the Ocean of Madhurya

Shri Lilashuk is saying that Krishna is the infinite ocean of madhurya or sweetness in which frenzied water waves ripple and it brims with shringara rasa or the sentiment of sweet romance. Forever young, Krishna bestows coolness, assuages worldly pain and is the icon of affectionate youthfulness. The lovely moonlike face made charming by a slight smile is reflected in that blue-hued ocean. The flood tide of ecstasy is foaming forth in this massive ocean of madhurya in the same way as the flood and ebb tides froth forth in the ocean on seeing full moon. And the gush is so powerful that it sweeps away all surrounding objects in its sway. May it forever bathe my mind in the rush of religious raputre in the same way...such is my ardent longing.

The Beautiful Adornment of Lord Krishna

 What a beautiful scene has been showcased in this shloka.This beauteous form! The infinite ocean of beauty and this blue-hued Youth decked in  so many enchanting ways  and above all His youtfulness ravages our hearts. This charming youthfulness is the peak of shringara or adornment on its own accord; it is presented with the clothing and adornments of a lovely youth and an array of decorative embellishments. Not just outwardly decorations they are the new waves of swelling emotions and rasa laden sentiments of shringara rasa rising in its depths, which are decking Krishna, the icon of youthfulness with a new shrangar or adornment every moment.

The Full Moon Looks Pale in Front of Krishna

And how is this moonlike face adorned with a slight smile, which makes even the moon look pale in comparison and churns our hearts. Smiling faintly, it scatters religious rapture,  incites shringara rasa (the flavour of sweet romance)in the hearts of loving devotees. Shri Lilashuk prays for this lotus face of Krishna to circulate the bliss of love in his heart as well.

The Blue-hued Ocean of Madhurya, Lord Krishna

ananda-samplavam anu plavatam mano me: There are three gunas or qualities in the waters of Krishna, the blue-hued ocean. Sweetness, intoxication and coolness. At first it passionately draws a living being by its honeyed sweetness, then it gives delicious anguish when one sips its intoxicating drink and thereafter it assuages that burning pain by its coolness. Such is the extraordinary threefold nectarous ocean of Shyam's madhurya. *Rasikas forever dive into the triple confluence of these three constituents.

Usha Bahenji, a Great Saint of Vrindavan

Just have a look at what highly revered Usha Bahenji has to say in her charming interpration loaded with bhavas (love towards the Lord) about this shloka.

Youthful Lord Krishna is the Wealth of Bilavmangal ji Maharaj

Highly fortunate Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj, infatuated by the beauteous form of Krishna, steeped in religious rapture and moved by the flavour of amorous love says, “ Ah! How so very sweet and gently madhur is my youthful supreme lover! The beautiful youth Krishna is the wealth of my heart and the paragon of madhurya. This madhurima or sweetness which is the repository of rasa is sufficient to steep our minds and hearts. Hey, how can I gauge the depth of this fathomless store of nectar! If it was just an ocean of madhurya I would have somehow managed to support myself but freshly new undulating waves ripple in it every moment. And I am not capable in any way to manage this intoxication and swelling emotions.

The Sidelong Glance of Krishna

Ah! Look, a new rippling wave just arose. The sidelong glance cascading from Krishna's wide eyes, sweet eyecups laden with rasa. Who can esape these pointed arrows shot from this ogling glance. Sakhi who can remain unshaken?  And above all there is not one or two of such sidelong glances but an an entire row of them. I seem to be losing my senses.

A Slight Smile Plays on Krishna's Lips

Have a look dear! At the sweet flowing gush of that smile originating from His red-hued lips. Can any maiden possibly bear this onslaught.Look at another powerful gush emanating from this ocean of madhurya. Look at the evolution of a reddish lustre of those tender lips...the hint of a smile touching  blue-hued cheeks...and a string of pearly teeth sparkling in this reddish glow. Oh, my helplessness! Look at those pair of lips; quivering they seem to be saying something passionately sweet.

Lord Krishna Dressed in Yellow & Wearing the Vanamala

Dear wake up and look at the frenzied fluttering of the vanamala and the unrestrained flapping of the pitambar. All of a sudden, anklets start tinkling...listen to their melodious sound...or have a look at these creeper like arms of Krishna trembling and listen to the sweet sound of bracelets adorning His wrists tinkling by their movement...

Steeped in the Ecstasy of Krishna Playing the Flute

Above all blue-hued Krishna played havoc with our hearts today by placing the bamboo flute which is so very dear to Him, on His tender lips. He honeyed the flute with His lotus hands and then drenched it by the melodious sound of flute play, feeling the breath of love with His lips. Ah! My heart wants to be constantly steeped in the religious  rapture of Krishna, the ocean of rasa. 
rasikas: people moved by passionate religious devotion to Krishna

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Really you did a great work on this shloka by giving very beatiful pics of lord Krishna.They are really touching.Such a great & real picture of Pujya Boboji's feelings you intreprated so nicely.In this shloka,
very differently defined the three qualities of Sh. Krishna.Thank u so much.