Monday, April 6, 2009

Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: 7th shloka




kadaa karishyaseeh maan kripakatashabhaajnam.

'The one whose rounded-innately affectionate arms resemble lotus clusters and shiver like lotus stalks swaying in gushing water.Thrilled with the mere thought of enfolding enigmatic Krishna and relishing a new amorous frolic today, these creepers long to wind around some blue-shrub. When the supreme lover arrives, the ecstasy of this ardent longing can't be described.'

Priyaji is stupefied because of the terrifying rush of love. Mute as a picture; enraptured she adulates the supreme rasika. Soon after the lovingly tender Radha shuts her eyes embarrassed due to intense passion. When the eyes turn dumb... the voice is silent...speedy heart beats sort of stop, these arms pulsate...revealing the mazes and mysteries of love.

Snuggling the blue-hued arms of spirited Krishna, the supreme lover, in her fair-complexioned embrace she gives respite to their throbbing longing.

Shri Radhika's arms are instantly adulated by the capricious handsome god...listen to the fickleness of her eyes absorbed in Krishna. The sudden love thrusts make her eyes flirtatious just as swaying lotus clusters by windy blasts.

Precisely then, blue-hued passion fills her saucer like eyes( passion is described as red-hued but absorbed in dark Krishna they glitter with a blue tinge) which spiritedly rove around. Certainly the inconstant mischievous supreme lover makes love gestures beckoning her.

The Shri Radha Ashtakam mentions that the eyes wander because Radha is hungry to reach the message site speedily. Surprisingly the feet are spurred to head straight for Krishna, the repository of passion. A receiver at one end, Shri Radha is the granter too, in reality she is multifaceted and the paragon of love.The eyes become audible (hearing is one of the traditionally recognized avenues for cultivating devotion)...ears turn into sight.

So the roving eyes are giving and receiving messages. Administering the heart's domain, the eyes become permanent captives of that supreme protector. Interpersonal romantic exchange is their temperament, being experts in the interchange of joyous abandon.

The composer explicitly details the loving impact of their fickleness. Thus the capricious handsome Krishna yearns...his intensely passionate blue-hued eyes...languish. The clever rasika passionately drawn by our Svamini, follows her around in this enraptured state.

The supreme lover's eyes, mind and soul are fused and focused on meeting his beloved...Reflections of each other,'Both are partridges (trad.supposed to feed on moonbeams) and the moon'. Delighted by dallying romantically, Shri Radha-Krishna are mutually captivated. Enraptured, the lovers relish the enchantment in various ways.

Contentment and satisfaction fly out of the nikunja; discontentment, restlessness and an ardent longing gang up and besiege the two lovers. Soon enough, an impassioned storm takes over, cascading rapture when it rains! The supreme lover is defeated in this battlefield of terrifying love. Contrarily, the reposed valiant Krishna has to seek refuge in the triumphant Svamini, who grants shelter to the enraptured god. No one can construe the mazes and mysteries of the enchanting eyes in this mysterious realm of love-play.

The ecstatic composer makes an infatuated entreaty, 'The one whose arms seem like a cluster of lotuses swaying in gushing water...whose fickle roving eyes can be likened to creepers stirred by the windy blast...which reflect the blue-hue of the supreme lover...making the supreme rasika ardently long by their love-lorn sight...and enraptured soon after he follows her...pining for Radha.

Captivating him... she makes him roam in the love-lanes- giving refuge to the fatigued lover. Shri Radhika the repository of joyous abandon...supremely compassionate...lovingly tender...the beloved of Krishna! When will you shower us with your favourable sight...gifting us the pearls of enchantment to adorn the supreme lover,Krishna, fond of romantic dalliances...

When will you cast your affectionate...closely intimate sight...making us the worthy recipients of your grace?

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