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Prem Sudha Dhara: Malkaji

(Page 80)

Shri Radha-Krishna Swinging to the Melodious Malhar

Sri Hari

Sri Vrindavan Dham

21st July 1978

Dear Malka,

With love, Jai Sri Hari.

You must be astonished to receive my inland letter following you right away. Yesterday you were late for sweet Lord Krishna's divine play which then could not be attained. Obviously it must be distressing. This delicious anguish is imperative for singing the Lord's glories. You were motivated to write about Lord Krishna's playful frolic because of his innate compassion which blesses us any time. Constantly longing for the Supreme Being's lovable divine play, let us be intensely desirous on the spiritual plane.

How can Lord Krishna not give in to freedom, spontaneity and intense passion in such pleasant weather? Restless, he was hungry for Sri Radha, his blissful energy or hladini shakti. It is said that she controls Krishna with her love and perfect spiritual life is unattainable without her grace. Sri Radha-Krishna stepped out of their respective bhavans with surges of ardent desire. Guess what! They had journeyed a short distance when rain lashed down. Attractive Krishna, (supreme purusha) evocatively dressed, fastened his pace and stood beneath a dense kadamba tree in the hilly forest.

Priyaji had just left her house. She was in a dilemma; whether to return back home or proceed. The focused mind triumphed over bodily helplessness and she walked ahead speedily. The pouring rain seemed to emulate her speed. Soon after, she slowed down not knowing how to go further. Fatigue and anguish apparent on her face. She also stopped beneath a dense tree. No sakhi accompanied her and she had no inkling of Priyatam's whereabouts today. Her big eyes roved around frantically...Krishna could be coming this way. The fury of the downpour reduced a bit for the wait to bear fruition.

Lightning seemed to have struck youthful Krishna standing beneath the kadamba tree. The forlorn image of bewildered Sri Radha waiting for him, flashed forth. He left hurriedly and reached the forest path where Priyaji stood exquisitely desirous for her beloved in this charming weather. Her dejected heart throbbed longingly again and awareness arose in her pining self but she was in no condition to run herself. Before long, Lord Krishna reached her side and held Sri Radha,(Prakriti) the supreme symbol of his passionate love. Ah, the ecstatic moment of their joyful union! Both stood still silently for some time.

The frenzied passion of this unexpected tryst; though Sri Radha-Krishna's romantic dalliance is a daily affair it showers joyous abandon each time round. The rain slowed a bit and now vigilant, the duo headed towards some nikunja nearby for shelter. Such an ethereal sight! Holding hands and exchanging loving glances Sri Radha-Krishna walked ahead. A faintly gentle smile spread across their lips.

They stumble over and over again as mazes of love cloud their shapely eyes but recovering fast they stride ahead. Peals of laughter ring forth and are soon intimidated like a scared doe in their red-hued lips. The rain stopped but gathering dense clouds tugged at the waves of enthused exultation. Soon after they came to the courtyard of the nikunja hut with drenched clothes, dripping bodies and their minds and hearts steeped in love. A brilliantly moving sight.

The group of sakhis were restless.(The sakhis' sole concern is to see Sri Radha-Krishna united and joyous in love and to this end she not only carries messages but comforts and even admonishes them.) All of a sudden eagerly desirous, they came upon the same forest where Priya-Priyatam stood embracing and fondly adulating each other with love-talk. Glimpsing them from a distance, the lot was enchanted by their ineffable beauty and stood stupefied for a few seconds.

Dou jan lagat hain ati neeke

Bheeje ang-ang laptane ambar rang suhi ke

Gar bahiyan diye bhare umangni aangan kunj kuti ke

Sri HariPriya kahan laun barnon jo gun pyari piya ke

Sakhi, hey Sakhi! Sri Radha-Krishna look so adorable; picture-perfect, with fragrant limbs, loving tenderness and serene sensuality. Draped in dark green garments their enchanting beauty is unprecedented. Who can possibly describe their cosmic splendour, trove of virtues and amorous play as they stand embracing each other in the nikunja kuti?

There is no greater symbol to denote the longing of the soul in its quest for the divine than the longing of Sri Radha for her lover.The group surged ahead in delicious anguish to his side; merrily delighting in passionate love talk for a while. Soon after the sakhis arranged for a swing; the environs resonated with the rocking glorious swing and songs of malhar (name of a ragini sung in the rains). Melodies of the love-laden songs splashed around, captivating all. Who can possibly narrate the celebration of their ecstatic delight?

With Love,

Yours Bobo.

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