Monday, June 14, 2010

3rd & 4th Verses: Shri Hanuman Bahuk & Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk : 3rd Verse

Panchmukh-chamukh-bhrigumukhya bhat-asur-sur,

Sarv-sari-samar samratth sooro |

Bankuro beer birudaait birudaavlee,

Baid bandee badat paaijpooro ||

Jaasu gungaath Raghunaath kah, jasu bal,

Bipul-jal-bharit jag-jaldhi jhooro |

Duvan-dal-damanko kaun Tulsees hai

Pavanko poot Rajpoot rooro ||

The warrior who is capable of surpassing Lord Shiva,Kartikeya, Parshuram, demons and gods in daring feats on the battlefield. Bards of the Vedas acclaim you to be a shrewd soldier who keeps his promise and is highly famed plus honoured.The tale of whose virtues were extolled by the divine Shri Raghunathji himself. Whose valiant deeds dried up the world and ocean filled with surging waves.

Who else can annihilate the demons' chaos except the Lord of Tulsi who is the handsome Rajput (Pawan Kumar, equipped with martial prowess)? (Nobody)

Shri Ramraksha Stotra : 3rd Verse

Saasitoor dhanurbaan paanim naktam charaantakam |

Swalilayaa jagat traatumaavirbhuntam ajam vibhum || 3 ||

Wielding a sword, quiver, bow and arrows Rama has incarnated because of his divine play to subdue the demons of chaos and darkness and protect the world.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 4th Verse

Bhanuson parrhan hanuman gaye bhanu man-

anumaani sisukeli kiyo pherphaar so |

Paachhile pagni gam gagan magan-man,

Kramko na bhram, kapi baalak-bihaar so ||

Kautuk biloki lokpaal hari har bidhi

Lochanani chakaachaundhee chitni khabhaar so |

Bal kaaidhaun beerras, dheeraj kai, sahas kai,

Tulsi sareer dhare sabniko saar so ||

Hanumanji went to the Sun God to acquire education. Assuming it to be a childish prank, the God made an excuse (that I can not stand still at one place and it is impossible to study without facing each other). Walking backwards, Hanumanji delightedly circulated in the sky like a child with his face towards the sun. And with this act there was no sort of confusion in the sequence of his education.

Seeing this miraculous feat, the eyes of Indra, other deities, Vishnu, Rudra and Brahma were dazzled and they stood in awe. Tulsidasji says all of them wondered at Hanumanji's body made up of the very essence of awesome power, heroic sentiment,steadfastness and courage.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 4th Verse

Ram rakshaam patthet praagyaha paapaghaneem sarv kaamdam |

Shiro may Raaghavah paatu bhaalam Dasharathaatmjah || 4 ||

The learned must read this Ramraksha Stotra which fulfils our wishes and utterly destroys all sins.(A list of the body parts to be shielded) May Raghava (of the family of Raghu) protect my head and may Rama, the son of Dasharatha protect my forehead.

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