Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shri Venu Geet: Twentieth Shloka

Lord Krishna Roams in the Forest of Vrindavan

evam-vidha bhagavato ya vrndavana-carinah
varnayanto mitho gopyah kridas tan-mayatam yayuh ||
(SB. 10.21.20)

Gopis Narrating Krishna's Pastimes

Meaning: Parikshit! There is not one but several such lilas (divine plays) of Shri Krishna who wanders in the forest of Vrindavan. The gopis are constantly engaged in discussing these playful dalliances amongst themselves, and get totally absorbed in them.The Lord's pastimes gush forth in their hearts.

Gopis Frolicking with Krishna

Commentary: Essence and Knowledge: The divine play of Krishna's majestic sports which enchants the entire world and is loaded with His infinite madhurya, manifests. The gopis of Vraja are steeped in those pastimes when they describe the spirited antics of Shri Krishna, roaming in the earthly forest of Vrindavan. In other words they enter a state of spiritual trance by meditating upon the dark god, and are engrossed in frolicking with Him.

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