Monday, July 18, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 277

Raag Kalyan

There is None Greater than Maharaj Ramachandra

ram raaya ! binu raavre mere ko hitu saancho ?

svaami-sahit sabson kahaaun, suni-guni biseshi kou rekh doosree khaancho ||1||

deh-jev-jogke sakhaa krishaa taancahn taancho |

kiye bichaar saar kadli jyon, mani kankasang laghu lasat beech bich kaancho ||2||

'binay-patrika' deenkee, baapu ! aapu hee baancho |

hiye heri tulsee likhee, so subhaay sahee kari bahuri poonchhiye paancho ||3||

Lord Ramachandra is Our True Well-Wisher

O Ramchandra ji Mahara j! Who is my true well-wisher apart from you? Along with my svami I tell everyone to listen to and grasp this reality, and to draw another line of thought if there is anyone else who is greater ||1||

All Relationships of this Material World are Illusory

Whichever friends or benefactors related to the body or individual soul, we come across, have all been joined by false stitches. (All relationships of the material world are illusory). On reflecting we find that all these close friends are like the essence of a banana tree. (Just as on peeling a banana tree we find just the bark coming off, in exactly the same manner all bondings of the mundane world are insubstantial and only arise out of ignorance).They appear to be beautiful just as the inferior glass strewn amidst precious stones and gold by chance, seems majestic ||2||

Vinay Patrika Written by Goswami Tulsidas

O Father of mine! You must yourself read the ' Vinay Patrika' written by this destitute. (Do not let anyone else read it out to you.) Tulsi has written the true facts dwelling in his heart. At first you must correct it with your (compassionate) nature and later on ask the opinion of the panchs (jury consisting of five members)

panchs: five main heads of the village. In older times one member from each varna(there were 5 varnas),was elected as a Panch.

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