Friday, April 22, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn [79], Makes a Humble Petition to Lord Ram

Raag Todi

Lord Ram is Merciful to the Poor


tuu dayaalu, deen haaun, tuu daani, haaun bhikhaaree |

haaun prasiddh paatkee, tuu paap-punj-haaree ||1||

naath tuu anaathko, anaath kaaun moso |

mo samaan aarat nahin, aartihar toso ||2||

brahma tuu, haaun jeev, tuu haai thakur, haaun chero |

taat-maat, guru-sakhaa, tuu sab bidhi hitu mero ||3||

tohin mohin naate anek, maaniyaai jo bhaavaai |

jyon tyon tulsee kripaalu ! charan-saran paavaai ||4||

Lord Ram Destroys Accumulated Sins

O Lord ! You are merciful to the poor, and in that case I am needy. You are immeasurably beneficent and then I am a beggar. I am a renowned sinner, and at that point of time you are the destructor of accumulated sins ||1||

Lord Ram is the Svami of Orphans

You are the master of destitution and in that case who else is a an orphan like me? There is no one whose grief is comparable to mine and there is none who can alleviate suffering like you can ||2||

Lord Ram is Brahm, the All Pervading Spirit of the Universe

You are *Brahm and I am a living being. You are the svami or master and I am the servitor. What more, you are my mother, father, guru and friend. And you are the one who is a benefactor in every possible way ||3||

The Refuge of Lord Ram's Feet

You and I share several relationships; accept whichever bond you are fond of. But O compassionate one, the concern is! This Tulsidas must attain the refuge of your feet, somehow ||4||

Brahm: the impersonal Ultimate Being, the all pervading spirit of the universe

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