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Prem Sudha Dhara: Shantanuji

(Page 247)

Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

27th November 1980

Dear Shantanu,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Received your letter last week after a long time. I felt your busy schedule was the reason for not corresponding earlier. 'The busiest man is the happiest man' is true. A matter of concern, such intense involvement is harmful for health and utility of life. However occupied one may be, some time has to be set aside to soothe the body and mind, equipping them with resolute calm.

Not a mere machine, life is pulsating with joys and sorrows, consciousness of our close friends and foes, and desirous longings at different levels, depending on the individual. Ideally one should study with total concentration and do duties with complete sincerity but some moments should be solely our own...reserved for ourselves.

This intimate tryst is the search of the enraptured soul for union with God, the perennial quest of mankind for a divine and transcendental love. To develop an all consuming intimacy with the Lord, some seconds have to be segregated where everyone's entry is banned; just the divine and we strike a particular relationship. We remember Him whom we belong to; spontaneously practicing familiarity in personal seva as we attend to the needs of the Lord.

You are fortunate that sharing a rapport with the lovingly tender Supreme Being in a tight schedule, concerns you. Certainly the Lord listens to your entreaties, keeping you on the virtuous path as you pray. Just rest assured of his innate strength, while propitiating Lord Krishna. Constantly be on guard that you do not mete out unjust or harsh treatment towards anyone on purpose.

Money gathered by bribes and a luxurious life of sensuous pleasures are both causes of a downfall. Keep away from them. Meditating upon God is of prime importance on the temporal plane. Spiritual life is sustained and adorned with chintan (meditating) precisely like the body survives on food. Kirtans or songs of a devotional nature are sung in the Krishna seva (service) and are the staple diet of the mind and soul.

You wrote, 'I want to come to Him, to be with Him always' which felt great. God is our true friend; sole exhibitor of the path leading to union with the divine and our protector. Whatever is done under his guidance is virtuous. You recite your daily paath ( recitation of a sacred text) isn't it? Some minutes in a 24 hour long day must be set aside for interaction with the Supreme Being.

You must be complaining that Bobo has delivered a long lecture of spiritual advice. But merely watering a promising sapling, I long for it to grow luxuriantly and flourish. You seemed kindly dear when I saw you the first time. Absorbed in Lord Krishna and focused, you must become completely his. Under the canopy of his protection, carry on tasks as you cope with them. Serve your mother and father with dedicated devotion. And dependent on the divine, realize his grace and loving tenderness. The greatest advantage of human life is being steeped in the love of Krishna, we attain the state of oneness with the Lord..

Do drop in without any inhibitions, whenever possible. The metaphorical search of the impassioned soul for union with God is centered within earthly Vrindavan, our true home. Krishna irresistably attractive, has been worshipped over the centuries and continues to be worshipped and celebrated even today. By playing with the gopis in that heaven on earth called Vrindavan, Krishna gives himself in to freedom, spontaneity and intense passion. Eternally glorious festivals and constant good fortune acclaim the dust of this fabled land as the root cause of all joys.

Okay then, Jai Shri Hari.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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