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Prem Sudha Dhara: Vijayji

(Page 323)

Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

22nd February 1973

Dear Vijay,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Today I received your letter in the evening and came to know your condition. The write-up was beautifully worded. The concept of not having a dispute with the holy lotus feet of Lord Krishna was remarkable. But I ask even if a strife is indisputably on, what next? It is ten o' clock. Since many days I was knitting a blanket and sat down to write after completing it. Thakurji (living presence of Lord Krishna) is put to sleep after nine-thirty these days. Kirtan or songs of a devotional nature are sung around quarter past five in the morning. But whether there is dispute or peace...we must write that shloka or verse.

'I wholeheartedly worship with dedicated devotion the pair of lotus feet of Baba Nand's darling son. They are solely worth meditating upon and all of the beauty and all of the virtue of the world co-mingle in their character and form. Fulfilling all desires and bestowing fruition of all longings, Lord Krishna's feet relieve worldly sufferings.'

Truly speaking, the lotus tender dark-hued feet of the handsome god, an intimate friend and the repository of love bloom in the fields, forests and streams which so inhabit our heart. And soon enough the mundane world and its sorrows vanish. If there is any realm, it is immersed in the spirited antics of these inconstant feet; adorned with Lord Krishna's romantic dalliance...abundantly endowed with love...loving tenderness; where the entry of grief is banned and there is no mention of pain.

Heights of elation and ecstasy are reached, when Krishna bursts forth into the hearts of his devotees; filling their lives with inspiration and delight. In this domain every endeavour, every action leads to the mazes and mysteries of love being an amalgamation of its different dimensions. What else is worth focusing upon except these beautiful, fondly adulated, exquisitely desirous, impassioned, intoxicating, nectarine lotus feet!

The perennial quest of mankind for a divine and transcendental love and the seeker for ultimate reality is amazing. The storehouse of the heart's wealth, power of bhaktas, the root-cause of life; we must be seeking them. Come let us have a look at the playful dalliance of the feet, their spirited antics, adorable roaming and wandering.

Just sight the fragrant limbs in the narrow lane...the smoothness of the Yamuna's sandy river-bank...the marks here are adorned by whose footprints. Come sakhis let us head towards that shrine-like nikunja where sensuous creepers pulsate. How scented is this whispering intoxicated breeze! Why is the earth ecstatic on pretext of the budding shoots?

Certainly our lovable deity, Pranvallabhava ( a title of Krishna, beloved of our hearts) taking Radha along is engrossed in charming escapades. He is probably aware of our arrival. Listen, can you hear the sweet sound of his holy feet's tinkling anklets...And now, keeping the flute on his lips and filling it with the breath of love, he beckons us. An enviable call to eternity, is his song. And further listen to two voices singing in unison...who are they-'Kaha gavat hai pyari Bihari ke sang'; the lover and the beloved sing mellifluously.

Let us also join the herd of Braj beauties, passionately drawn by his fragrant limbs and the serene sensuality of his revered feet. With great regard walk along with them, to that bower, the same sandy river-bank, the market-place, mountain pass, the forest grove, the same bhavan (abode) where the lotus pair enrapture us with tenderness and teasing, mischief and spontaneity. How does this picture of the blue-hued god concealed in the veil of the beauty look?

Let us go real close and watch. What is this? Giving in to freedom, spontaneity and intense passion, are the pair of the Lord's lotus feet. They exude a sweet fragrance and are resplendent with a luminous brilliance.

A paragon of sweetness and the bestower of treasured wishes, is this pair of feet. Their seekers, the Braj beauties, inflamed for union with Lord Krishna, do not have spare time to dwell on the mundane world, its grief and relief. So steeped in the love of Krishna's lotus feet are the hearts of these gopis, that they are eternally enraptured by fresh romantic dalliances; spurred by the pivotal concept of madhurya or sweet love.

I constantly worship my favoured deity, Lord Krishna's pair of feet; the ultimate reality, with my mind, verbally and physically too. They are the essence of my life, and my inspiration and delight. My love master!

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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