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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita' : Fourth Shloka

barhottamsa-vilasa-kuntala-bharam madhurya-magnananam
pronmilan-nava-yauvanam pravilasad venu-pranadamritam  |
apina-stana-kudmalabhir abhito gopibhir aradhitam ,
jyotish cetasi nash cakastu jagatam ekabhiramadbhutam  ||4||

 Lord Krishna Lights Up our Hearts

The personification of effulgence (Krishna) on whose head curly locks sport with the diadem made of peacock feathers, whose lotus face is absorbed in the ocean of madhurya, whose fresh youthfulness bursts forth, the melodious sound of whose flute makes even the unemotional become sentimental and the lifeless become spirited.The cowherdess of Braj are adoring Him with the lotus blossoms of their bud-like breasts, as they gather around Him from all sides. May such a charming and fantastic effulgence (Krishna) light up our hearts, for all times to come. Amazingly, He is the only enjoyer and source of enjoyment in the entire world with an innocence both of the enchanter and the enchanted.

The Rasa-Laden Commentary

 Blue-hued Krishna Dallies with the Radiant Gopis

In a flash, Shri Bilavamangal ji remembers the romantic dalliance which took place before Krishna vanished. He prays for that effulgence personified (Krishna) to  forever shine in his heart. That ray of light is not Brahma Jyoti or the radiance of  the all pervading spirit of the universe but rather a bluish yellow light, in which the lustre of the gopis' charming bodies combines with blue-hued Krishna, the colour of an emerald.

Vaishnava Acharyas have said that the first darshan is of the changeless impersonal Ultimate Being (a repository of light), the second darshan is to have a glimpse of Parmatma or the Supreme Being (who knows the inner feelings of our heart, and has a form and shape) and the third darshan is seeing God Incarnate, face to face with our own eyes.

Shri Bilavmangal ji Has Darshan of Lord Krishna

Shri Bilavmangal ji is having this third darshan, which bhaktas ardently long for. In this state loving devotees sing in joyous abandon as they reach the heights of religious rapture.

morpakha sir par phahren, mukmadhuri sindhu mein lait jhakoren

The shringar of that divine effulgence decked up from head to toe, is remarkable. That effulgence delights mankind and it is very rare to find such radiant beauty in all the three worlds.

Krishna's Locks Dance in Joyous Abandon

Barhottamsa-vilasa-kuntala-bharam : the tail of a peacock feather adorns His forehead, while the hair of Lord Krishna dallies in an extraordinary manner. The curly locks are smooth and glossy. Joyous when He frolics, they seem to be spreading madhurya or sweetness.

 The Flute Player Krishna is Steeped in Joy

Why does Bilavmangal ji say, madhurya-magnananam : Either getting enchanted by His own beauty, Krishna is steeped in joy or He is enraptured by the melodious sounds of His flute? Or since His beloveds are intently gazing at him from the thicket of trees in front, His face becomes increasingly madhur by the nectarous look of their glance. Ardently longing to relish some new passionate tryst, a novel expressive sentiment is reflected on His lotus face.

 The Loving Tenderness of Krishna's Youth

pronmilan-nava-yauvanam: is what Bilavamangal ji calls the lustre of His youthfulness. Adolescence has not yet set in and the loving tenderness of His divine limbs clearly state that youth has not gained entry into this realm, at this juncture.

Pronmilan-nava-yauvanam ?- this early stage of youth is somewhat blooming, as if an enraptured bud slightly astonished at being nudged by the first whiff of a morning breeze, lazily stretches out its  limbs...but has not fully blossomed yet. Like the smile of an enchanted maiden who is so very shy, or like the embarrassed sweetness of some unknown young beauty's initial moments of love play.

This state is a combination of young childhood and youthfulness...which is not yet fully bloomed.

Krishna's Flute Play Enchants the Birds & Trees of Vrindavana

 pravilasad venu-pranadamritam: Lord Krishna is playing the flute, the mellifluous sound of Krishna's flute is a symbol of His majestic power. The melody of His flute is also the breath of sweet love. This maha madhurya is actually a call to eternity; it is the mrit sanjivini, a herb supposed to revive the dead if eaten.

By the melodious notes of Krishna's flute even the arid landscape, and the birds and creepers, express joy and dance to its rhythm.

The Gopis Adulate Krishna

While sighting the charming effulgence of Nand Kishore who is newly adorned with  fresh youthfulness, is radiantly bright, and is a flute player endowed with nectarous sweetness, Shri Bilavmangal ji raves-wrapping their arms around that madhurya laden form, the gopis worship Krishna with the lotus blossoms of their bud-like breasts. This innately divine form, which is delightful to the eyes, is not perceptible by the senses anywhere else in the world.

Krishna Enchants the Three Worlds

jagatam ekabhiramadbhutam: That irresistibly attractive form of Krishna, ranks supreme in the three lokas. There are many incarnations of the Supreme Being in this world and all of them are so very endearing, but the ineffable beauty of Lord Krishna which enchants the mundane world can not be found in anyone else. He is the only enjoyer and the only source of enjoyment in the entire universe with an innocence of both the enchanter and the enchanted.

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