Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Shiv Stuti [7]

Raag Raamkali

Lord Shiva Dallying with Goddess Uma

Kas na deenpar dravhu umaabar | daarun bipati haran karunaakar ||1||

beid-puraan kahat udaar har | hamri ber kas bhayehu kripinatar ||2||

kavani bhagati keenhii gunnidhi dvij | hoi prasann deenhehu siv pad nij ||3||

jo gati agam mahaamuni gaavhin | tav pur keet patanghu paavhin ||4||

dehu kaam-ripu! Raam-charan-rati | tulsidaas prabhu! harhu bhed-mati ||5||

O Uma-Raman! ( a title of Shiva, the husband of goddess Uma or Parvati) How come you don't shower your grace on this wretched person? O treasure trove of compassion ! You are the annihilator of terrible adversities||1||

The Vedas and Puranas say that Lord Shiva is nobly generous then how have you become such a great miser regarding me?||2||

What sort of bhakti did the brahman, a treasure trove of virtues, do that being pleased with his religious devotion You gave him Your own rank of bringing about mankind's well-being||3||

The highest condition (merging of the soul with the Supreme Being) which great sages endorse is very tough to come by, can easily be attained by insects and flies in your Kashipuri (the city of Banaras) ||4||

O Kamari Shiva! (a title of Shiva, the enemy of desire, who reduced Kamdev to ashes) O Svami! (Lord) Getting rid of Tulsidas' spirit of dissension, grant him religious devotion for Lord Rama's feet ||5||

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