Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sri Yamuna Stuti by Bhaktimati Usha Bahenji

Hey Krishna prem pravaahinee| Hey Krishna prem pradaayinee |

Yamuna Maharani

O Yamuna Maharani, the carrier of Krishna's gushing love. Oh bestower of Krishna's divine and transcendental love.

Hey Krishna preeti sushobhne !

Hey Krishna roop vilobhne !

O provider of Krishna's loving affection which you are well-adorned with!

O temptress who allures us with with your attractive form which is just like Krishna's.

Krishna Sri Krishna svarupini !

Hey prem nem niroopinhi !

You are the svarupini or a form of Krishna, who has a living divine presence. Oh definer of the principles of love!

Hey Sri Krishna-sparsh modini !

Nav nav vihar vinodinee!

Sri Radha-Krishna

O the one who is ecstatic at Krishna's divine touch !

And the one who delightfully arranges for new romantic dalliances of Sri Radha-Krishna in quick succession.

Sri Krishna roopasaktinee !

Hey Krishna snehanuraktinee !

O the one who is passionately drawn by the lovely form of Sri Krishna !

And the one who is closely attached to Krishna's loving affection.

Sri krishna bhushaadharinee !

Sri krishna sang vihaarini !

Your attire is identical to that of Lord Krishna's !

You roam around and dally with Lord Krishna every moment !

Sri krishna prannay prasaarinee !

Nav raas-ras vistaarinee !

You spread the sweet love of Lord Krishna !

And elaborately expand the new romantic sentiments of raas (the round dance of Krishna with the herdgirls of Braj)!

Sri krishna keli vilaasinee !

Ras ranjitaa mridu haasinee !

Lord Krishna's amorous frolics are more enjoyable because of you.

Relishing His romance becomes delightful because of your sweet smile.

Hey pran vallabh-vallabha !

Sri krishna tulya sutnu prabha !

Krishna, the Supreme Lover

O beloved of Krishna, the supreme lover who rules our hearts !

Your bluish colour can be equated to Lord Krishna's dark hue.

Krishnanurag taranginee !

Hey radhika priya sangini !

Sri Radha

O river who spreads the gushing love of Krishna with your towering waves!

And the one who enjoys the company of Sri Radha !

Sri krishna ras unmaadinee !

Mad bhaar harsh ninaadinee !

O the one who is impassioned by Lord Krishna's rasa or romantic sentiment !

And the one who cries out in joyous abandon because of being intoxicated by Krishna's love !

Sri krishna chit aakarshinee !

Sri krishna rati ras-varshinee !

The one who attracts Lord Krishna's heart !

And the one who showers Krishna's sentiment of sweet romance.

Sri krishna sukh sanvardhinee !

Sri krishna rasvashvartinee !

The one who escalates Lord Krishna's joy !

And the one who transforms the power of Krishna's sentiment of sweet love !

Sri krishna ras sandohinee !

Hey pranpresht vimohinee !

The one who milks Lord Krishna's rasa of sweet love !

O the one who enchants the supreme lover !

Hey Bhaanuja ! Hey svamini

Hey Krishna ! Manabhiraaminee !

Sri Yamuna Attracts dark-hued Krishna

O Sri Yamuna, daughter of the Sun God ! Oh svamini or devotional ideal

who passionately draws the mind of Lord Krishna !

Karke kripa karunamayee !

Hey rasmayee ! Mamtamayee !

O compassionate one, shower your grace!

O charming and affectionate one !

Sri krishna rati ras daan do,

priyaroopras ka paan do |

Grant Sri Krishna's sentiment of sweet romance, and help us relish the beauteous form of the supreme lover.

Unka chirantan sang do,

rasrang keli abhang do !

Sri Radha-Krishna

Bestow His long standing company and romantic dalliance which is eternal.

Bhaktimati Usha Bahenji, Composer of the Sri Yamuna Stuti

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