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The Marriage of Sri Ram and Sita, Baal Kand of Shri Ram Charit Manas-1

Do.: råmu siya sobhå avadhi sukrta avadhi dou råja,

jaha° taha° purajana kahahi asa mili nara nåri samåja.309.

Shri Ramchandra and Sita

Seeing Shri Ramchandra ji and Sita ji who are ineffably beautiful, and Janaka-Dasaratha, the icons of religious merit, the denizens of Janakpur exulted, “Janaki is the embodiment of Janaka's virtues and Shri Ram is the incarnation of Dasarath's virtues.

King Janaka

No one has ever worshipped Shiva with such dedicated devotion as these two kings and nor has anyone obtained fruition as they have. There has been no one equivalent to them in this world, nor is there anyone equal to them nor shall there be in the future. All of us have also done great acts of merit to have taken birth in this world as residents of Janakpur. Who is a blessed soul like us to have beheld the majestic beauty of Shri Janaki ji and Shri Ram ji?”

Maidens with a voice as sweet as the cuckoo began to whisper amongst themselves, “O beautiful-eyed one! There is much to be gained by this marriage! It is a matter of great good fortune that the Creator has ordained this union. Both the brothers will often be delighting our eyes."

The Ancient City of Ayodhya

"Even after the wedding when King Janaka will call Sita over (from Ayodhya) time and again out of affection then both the brothers, handsome as million of Cupids put together, will come to take her back. And they will be warmly looked after here in, every possible way. Who would not love to stay at such a father-in-laws place?Sakhi! All residents of the city will be delighted to behold Shri Ram and Laksman.

Shri Ram and Lakshman

Two other princes who closely resemble the handsome pair of Rama and Laksmana have come with King Dasaratha. One is dark-hued and the other fair-complexioned but every feature of theirs is attractive say those who have observed them.

One of them exulted, “I have seen them today itself. They are so very good-looking that it seems the Creator has sculpted them with his own hands. Bharat and Ram are so similar in looks that no man or woman can identify their difference at first sight. Similarly Laksman and Satrughan are identical. Right from head to toe, each limb of theirs is perfect and beyond comparison. All the four brothers are so enchanting that one can find no match to them in all the three worlds. (cosmological regions)

Sant Tulsidas

Tulsidas endorses, “ They are the oceans of strength, humility, learning, virtuous conduct and majestic beauty and they are their own equals." Spreading out their aanchal (end of their saris), the women of Janakpur made such entreaties to the Creator, “May all the four brothers be married in this very city so that we may sing auspicious songs (as at a wedding).

Shiva, the Slayer of Tripura

Filling their eyes with tears of joy and thrilled, these maidens would constantly repeat, “O Sakhi! The slayer of demon Tripura will surely accomplish everything because both the kings are reservoirs of infinite merit.” Reaching the heights of elations and ecstasy, all of them continued praying from their hearts.

The princes who had come as Sita' suitors were delighted to see the four brothers and returned to their respective homes raving about Rama's glory. Some days passed by in joyous abandon for both the citizens and members of the bridegroom's party. Finally the auspicious day of Ram's marriage arrived when the pleasant Margasirsa Month of the cold season set in.

Brahma, the Creator

Ascertaining the perfect date, stars, configuration of planets, day of the week and hour of the wedding, Brahma, the Creator, sent a final note concerning the wedding through Nårada.The very same facts had also been determined by the astrologers of Janaka ji. Hearing this all the residents raved that the astrologers of Janakpur seemed incarnations of Brahma Himself.”

The Hour of Cowdust

When godhuli or the hour of cowdust, (the hour before sunset when cows usually return home from grazing) arrived and good omens were perceived, the Bråhmanas told King Janaka that this was the proper time and astrologically auspicious.

With the king's permission, Satananda gave orders to the ministers who came with auspicious pitchers which were duly embellished.

Beating of Drums

A number of conches, drums and other musical instruments began to sound. Festive vases were decorated for the engagement and happily married women sang songs, while holy priests began to chant Vedic texts. In this manner all of them went to living quarters of the bridegroom's party and asked them to get the marriage procession with due honour. On going there when everyone saw King Dasaratha's grandeur even the majesty of Indra (the lord of the gods) seemed very ordinary in comparison. All the people earnestly requested Maharaj (the great king) to proceed. After consulting Vasistha, his spiritual preceptor, and completing the rites as per the family tradition, King Dasaratha set forth with a group of sages and sadhus.

Do.: bhågya bibhava avadhesa kara dekhi deva brahmådi,

lage saråhana sahasa mukha jåni janama nija bådi.313.

Chakravarti Dashratha

Brahma and the other gods began to sing the glories of Chakravarti (ruler of a wide region) Dashratha. Considering their own birth as futile, they praised his good fortune plus grandeur with a thousand tongues when he ventured forth to marry Ram and his other sons on the request of Shri Janaka.

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