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Vinay Patrika: Kashi Stuti [22]

Raag Bhairav

The Kashi Viswanath Temple

Seia sahit saneh deh bhari, kaamadhenu kali kaasi |

samani sok-santaap-paap-ruj, sakal-sumangal-raasee ||1||

marjaada chahunaor charanbar, sevat surpur-baasee |

teerath sab subh ang rom sivling amit abinaasee ||2||

antarain ain bhal, than phal, bachh bed-bisvaasee |

galakanbal baruna bibhaati janu, loom lasati, saritaisee ||3||

danddpaani bhairav bishaan, malruchi-khalgan-bhayadaa-see |

loladines trilochan lochan, karanghant ghantaa-see ||4||

manikarnikaa badan-sasi sundar, sursari-sukh sukhmaa-see |

svaarath parmaarath paripooran, panchkosi mahimaa-see ||5||

bisvanaath paalak kripaaluchit, laalti nit girijaa-see |

siddhi, sachee, saarad poojhin man jogvati rahti ramaa-see ||6||

panchaachhree pran, mud maadhav gabya supanchandaa-see |

brahma-jeev-sam raamnaam jug, aakhar bisva bikaasee ||7||

chaaritu charti karam kukaram kari, marat jeevgan ghaasee |

lahat parampad pay paavan, jehi chahat prapanch-udaasee ||8||

kahat puraan rachee kesav nij kar-kartooti kalaa-see |

tulsi basi harpuree ram japu, jo bhayo chahai supaasee ||9||

Kamadhenu, the Sacred Cow

In this Kaliyuga (the age of spiritual darkness) one must lovingly serve the Kamadhenu of Kashi, throughout one's life. She is the one who annihilates sorrows, griefs, sins and diseases, being the treasury of all kinds of prosperity. ||1||

The Kashi Vishwanath Shivlingam

The boundary surrounding Kashi on all four sides are the beautiful feet of this Kamadhenu. Gods residing in paradise do service to her feet. All the pilgrimage sites here are her sacred body parts and the indestructible countless shivlings (lingams in which form Shiva is worshipped) are the fibres of her being. ||2||

Kamadhenu,the Cow of Plenty, Pictured with Her Calf

The inner spheres (central part of Kashi) are the mammary glands of Kamadhenu.The four fruits of wealth, religion, pleasure and moksha (salvation) are her four teats. Those who have implicit faith in the Vedas and Shastras (sacred scriptures) are her calves. Only trusting people who reside in her can attain the ambrosian milk of mukti or salvation; the ravishing river Varuna (Vedic deity regarded as god of the waters) is enhancing Kashi's beauty like the Kamadhenu's dewlap and the very same river looks splendid as her tail. ||3||

Lord Bhairav

The punisher Lord Bhairav (a fierce manifestation of Shiva associated with annihilation) is her horns, and with these horns she forever frightens the wicked who think of doing sinful acts. Lolark Kund and Trilochan (a pilgrimage site) are her eyes and the holy site of Karnaghanta is the bell hanging around her neck. |||4||

Manikarnika Ghat of Kashi

Manikarnika (one of the ghats in Varanasi) is her beautiful moon-like face and her splendour is the bliss obtained from Shri Ganga, which alleviates the suffering of mankind. Abounding with the joys of bhoga (enjoyment or suffering as per our past good or bad deeds) and moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death), Kashi's five kos parikrama or circumambulation is her grandeur. ||5||

Lord Vishwanath & Goddess Parvati Blessing Kamadhenu

The kind-hearted Lord Vishwanath (Lord of the universe, a title of Shiva) protects and nurtures her and the affectionate Jagjjanani Parvati (mother of the world), forever loves her; all the eight siddhis (acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means), Saraswati (goddess of knowledge, music and the arts, consort of Brahma) and Indrani (wife of the god Indra) worship her; while goddess Laxmi, the preserver of the world, keeps looking at her for favours. ||6||

'Namah Shivaya', this panchakshari (composed of five syllables) incantation is her five pranas or vital breaths. Whereas Lord Bindu Madhav (a title of Vishnu) is her delight.

The Panchaganga Ghat in Kashi (Varanasi)

The Panchganga Teerth which consists of five streams (Kasari, the Kumbhi, the Tulsi, the Bhogawati and Saraswati) are her five products (milk,butter, ghi,urine and cowdung.) Whereas 'Rakaar' and 'Makaar' ,the two consonants of Lord Ram's Name, are her creator Brahma and her soul. ||7||

She grazes on the grass of the good and evil deeds of living beings who die here. Because of which they attain the same pure milk of spiritual perfection (salvation) which detached mahatmas of the mundane world ardently long for. ||8||

Lord Vishnu

It has been written in the Puranas (ancient religious texts) that Lord Vishnu put together all his artistic skills and sculpted her with his own hands.

Goswami Tulsidas, Chanting the Name of Lord Ram in Kashi

O Tulsidas! If you want to reach the heights of religious rapture then chant the name of Lord Ram while staying in Kashi. ||9||

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