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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Sixty-seventh Shloka

ardravalokita-dhura parinaddha-netram -  
avishkrita-smita-sudha-madhuradharoshtham | 
adyam pumamsam avatamsita-barhi-barham-
kritinah krita-punya-pushjah ||67||

Simple Meaning:

Adi-Purusha Krishna

Only those who are greatly fortunate and have accrued tremendous virtuous merit, can behold Adi-Purusha Krishna, the original person of all emanations, Whose eyes are watered with the rasa of love and compassion, Whose lips are sweetened with the nectar of His open smile, and Who is adorned with a peacock feather.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

In the previous shloka Shri Billavmangal was besides himself with strong emotion on not being able to behold the dark and beautiful Krishna with his eyes? His mind is agitated because of not beeing able to see Him, and he is singing Krishna's glories in the pangs of separation.

 A Peacock Feather Adorns Youthful Krishna's Forehead

 adyam pumamsam: it is not an ordinary matter to be able to behold this Adi Purusha, and it is possible only for those who have heaped pious merit.
This Adi Purusha is nitya Kishore or eternally a Youth, on whose forehead the peacock feather is adorned.

Shri Narayan
 The gopikas exult about His enchanting form:
akhila dehinam antaratmadrk

which means:

'Certainly thou art the immanent witness in all embodied beings. '

The gopis go on to say:

yatAdipurusho bhajate mumukshUn ||

which means:

'Reciprocate with us, O stubborn one, just as the Lord, Sri Narayana, reciprocates with His devotees in their efforts for liberation.'

 Love & Compassion Cascades from Krishna's Eyes
Cascadesardravalokita-dhura parinaddha-netram:
Your eyes are becoming fluid with love and compassion. The fondness and affection cascading from your eyes indicates that I will certainly find You. Your eyes are becoming fickle with a tender glance and getting moist due to the pangs of separation.

Lord Krishna's Bimba Fruit Red Lips

avishkrita-smita-sudha-madhuradharoshtham: These lips are astonished and adorned with the sweetness of Your open smile. The tenderness and fluidity of this nectarous smile is colouring them. Anyone who sees the gentle smile playing on Krishna's red bimba fruit lips becomes detached from all worldly enjoyments and gets absorbed in the profound rasa of His preeti or love.

Raskhan, a Great Krishna Devotee

 In the words of great Krishna devotee Raskhan:

ja din te muskani chubhi ur, ta din te ju gai manhari
'raskhani pari muskan ke panani
kaun gahe kul kani bichari |

'When this smile blooms on these red lips the forest groves become fragrant. This sweet smile is the creator of several lilas or playful dalliances.'

The means of attaining Krishna is to sing the glories of His lila. Indeed, He is supremely compassionate. It is not as if only the virtuous can attain Him. On whomsoever dark-hued Krishna casts His compassionate glance, he becomes exalted or beyond pain.

The Nectarous Smile of Krishna

'How should I behold this adolescent youth, who means the world to me? Whose eyes are full of compassion, tenderness and fluidity reflects from whose eyes, whose sweet lips are watered with a nectarous smile, on whose forehead the peacock tail feather waves. Krishna will give me his darshan for certain. He is so very compassionate,' raves Shri Billavmangalji.

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