Monday, May 26, 2008

In memory of Vijayji ( 19th Dec 1938 - 24th May , 2008)

Usha Behenji

Vijay ji pays shraddhanjali to bhaktimati Usha Behenji

Frankly speaking the very basis of is ‘’BRAJ VIBHAV KI APOORVA SHRI USHAJI", Ushaji’s biography in Hindi. The work is beautifully written with detailed attention to divine and subtle nuances. Revered Sadhu Bhakt Vijay Babaji, Boboji’s ardent disciple, penned it under the sublime guidance of Sri Pad Baba, founder of Braj-Academy and a highly acclaimed Saint of Braj-Vrindavan, and Susheela Bahinji, long-time associate of Ushaji and currently in charge of Her Thakurji. The Biography’s 51st page refers to Her Guru-lineage as under:

“Boboji here refers to Saint Ushaji of Vrindavan and Vijayji was Her student since the age of 16. Born on 19th December 1938, he passed MA in 1965 and got a Govt Officer's job. Soon thereafter he quit this post to become a denizen of Braj in 1972, renouncing all worldly pleasures to attain spiritual bliss. During this long span of 36 years from 1972 to the date of His Gaulokgaman ( 24th May, 2008) Sadhu Vijayji widely journeyed all over Braj ... Vrindavan-GOVERDHAN-BARSANA-NANDGAON diary of Divine - Great Saint Ushaji . He wrote the ‘Braj Bhoomi Mohini’. There is something strikingly enchanting about the text as it describes the celestial land of dreams and Lord Krishna's divine play. When Saint Ushaji, His ideal and Guru, wrote the foreword of this deeply moving work, She was actually laying the foundation of a Devotee-writer in Vijayji. Later on he edited several of Her works. Of late, ‘Shri Krishan Leelalok’ was the latest 21st book to be published while ‘Shri Krishan Karnamrit’ is still in the press.

24th May is Ma Anandmayi Jayanti coupled with Gaulok-gaman day of 20th Century's Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Hence revered Manoharji reached Lalji's house on Faridabad for the celebration.

But we were in for a rude shock. As soon as the kirtan got over, by about 1 pm on 24th May, 2008, the devotees present took prasad by 2 pm. All of a sudden when Vipanji took leave from Manohar Baba, a fateful phone call from Vrindavan informing that our respected Vijayji had chosen 24th May to proceed to Gaulok, shattered the whole lot of us. I wept inconsolably. The incidence released a flood of memories deeply impressed on my mind, closely associated as I was with Vijayji since childhood along with Boboji. His followers were shocked and grief-stricken all over the globe; several of them in Nandgaon and Goverdhan, Rahul Nevile in Gurgaon, Piyush-Shalini, now in Canada and Rajesh Sharmaji in Dubai, to name a few.

Within minutes of hearing the ill-fated news, Poojya Manohar Baba and Shantanu left for Vrindavan. Manoharji confirmed that the sanskar or last rites would be performed at the holy Yamuna-Ghat on, 25th May, the Gaulokgaman day of revered Dharam Bahinji. On 25th May 2008 at around 9.30 am, Vijayji's body left Saint Ushaji's residence at Sri Bankey Bihari Colony amidst the chanting of the Mahamantra: 'Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.' By 11.30 am the remains of a great Saint were consigned to the flames ......NARAYAN NARYAN NARAYAN.

The scene of the final departure was heartrending. Manohar Baba coupled with many reputed saints and several devotees swarmed the place, bidding Him a tearful farewell. Their reactions were different but affection for their revered Vijayji was identical. Pratibha Didi said she had lost a father figure while Indu Auntyi wailed that she would miss her divine brother. Rahul and Madhulika Nevile confirmed the presence of five cows and a nandi at the site. The nandi‘s snorting seemed to ward off any evil powers. The incidence authenticated the presence of Lord Shiva since Ushaji always endorsed that Lord Shiva is the Guru of Vijayji and the whole lot of us.

From distant America, Ashutosh Vatsji expressed his condolence:

“I just came to know about the tragic news from Goli Bhai. As of now I read your email. This is indeed sad. At a loss to express myself, I had a word with Daddy who was unconcolable. I cannot visualize Vrindavan minus Vijayji." Revered Vijayji truly served as the heartbeat of Vrindavan.

Kindly share your tributes here ...NARAYAN NARAYAN NARAYAN. So far revered Sheelaji has maintained Her composure . But we are certainly aware that Her grief is the greatest. She has lost a divine son who was very affectionately brought up by Ushaji , Manoharji and Girirajji's Panditji.

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