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The Manifestation of Thakur Radharaman ji

Sri Radharaman ji, Vrindavan

17th May, 2011: The appearance day of Lord Radharamanji of the Chaitanya Mahaprabu tradition in Vrindavan.The Deity of Sri Radharaman manifested from one of Gopal Bhatta Goswami's salagram-silas on a full moon day of Vaisakha (April/May) in 1542.

Srila Gopala Bhatt Goswami

It so happened that one rich businessman offered clothes crowns, and jewellery to *Srila Gopal Bhatt Goswami, who said that, as he was worshipping Sri Shaligram who was round like a stone he could not dress, or adorn him with crowns and jewellery like the other Goswamis were decking their respective deities. Lamenting in this way, the Goswami took rest.

One Sila (Damodar) Transforms into Lord Krishna Playing the Flute

Early the next morning when he came to do the seva arpanam puja for the Shaligrams he discovered that one of the Silas (Damodar) had transformed into the most beautiful angular posture of Lord Krishna playing with the flute with bent legs,hips and neck. He had manifested out of love, just to receive the loving worship from Gopal Bhatta Goswami.

A Crown Next to Raman ji Represents Radharani's Presence

Radha Raman means the "one who gives pleasure to Srimati Radharani". There is no external manifestation of Srimati Radharani in the temple but there is a crown next to Raman ji that represents Her presence.

Sri Radharamana's lotus face is like Sri Govindaji's, His chest is like Sri Gopinath's and His lotus feet are like Sri Madanmohanji's. By sighting Thakur Radharaman one simultaneously receives the darshan of these three primary deities.

The Radharaman Temple in Vrindavan

The event is celebrated every year (May) by bathing the Deity with 100 litres of milk and other auspicious items. Gopal Bhatta Goswami's other salagram-silas are also worshiped on the altar. A gomati-chakra is worshipped on the altar to His left.According to an injunction of Sri Hari-bhakti-vilas, a *gomati-chakra is to be worshipped along with a salagram-sila.

Gomati chakra: is a form of shell stone and is found in Gomti River of Dwarka in Gujarat.The chakra resembles the sudarshan chakra or discus of Lord Vishnu.It is said to bring luck and is used as a yantra and in worship. It is believed that those who possess the gomti chakra are blessed with money, good health and prosperity.

Srila Gopala Bhatt Goswami (1503-1578) is one of the foremost disciples of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and a leading figure in Gaudiya Vaishnavism. He belonged to a group of Vaishnava devotees known collectively as the six goswamis of Vrindavan who established the philosophical basis of the Gaudiyas.

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