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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirty-second Shloka

tvac-chaishavam tri-bhuvanadbhutam ity avehi
mac-capalam ca tava va mama vadhigamyam 
tat kim karomi viralam murali-vilasi
mugdham mukhambujam udikshitum ikshanabhyam 

Simple Meaning:

 Assuming the Gopi Bhava,Shri Bilavamangal ji Longs for Lord Krishna

O Krishna! Your young childhood (youth) and my restlessness are both wonderful in these three bhuvanas or worlds. You know of this fact and so do I. O Flute-Player! You only tell me what should I do to see Your enchanting and unusual lotus face, to my heart's content.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna, the Flute Player

Shri Bilavmangal ji is ardently longing to drink the sweetness of his favoured deity, Lord Krishna's face.He asks his Priyatam or supreme lover, 'O Murlidhar or Flute Bearer! Your young childhood mingled with youth, is unparallelled in the three worlds and indeed who can be like you? Besides you know that there is no limit to my fickleness. I also very well know of my unsteady traits and my inconstant nature and You have also understood it quite well.

The Dark Beauty of Murali Vilasi, Krishna

O unparallelled Murali Vilasi or Flute Player! Do tell me, what to do? Truly or really tell me how should I go about it? Where should I go? Whom should I tell something? What...what should I do to bring your beautiful darkishly attractive lotus face, in front of my eyes for drinking the pollen of your face's sweetness with the large black bees of my eyes? What a sweet statement. What a wonderful way of calming one's capricious nature in the body of this Purush bhushan or ornament amongst males, the only male.

The Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

tvac-chaishavam tri-bhuvanadbhutam ity avehi...O God! O Nath! The sweetness of Your youth mixed with your childhood is unique in the three bhuvanas. That trait is certainly not there in human beings and kinnaras, and also does not exist in your other various svarupas or forms of the Supreme Being.

The Ineffable Beauty of Lord Krishna

satyam satyam durlabham daivate 'pi: (55th shloka) That Youtfulness, that lotus face, that ineffable beauty, that gentle smile, that playful glance etcetera are indeed rarely found in humans and extremely difficult to find in even gods.

Lord Krishna is Charmed by His Own Reflection

 This lustre of your sweet youthfulness is so extraordinary and unusual that You Yourself are charmed by this unique brilliance.

Chintamani Urges Bilavmangal ji Onto Krishna

mac-capalam ca tava va mama vadhigamyam: Either You or I know of this fact that I am so impatient and eagerly desirous for Your darshan. This is known to You, not anyone else. Shri Bilavmangal ji's intention is clear, “ Earlier I was so attracted to worldly (esp sensual) pleasures but giving me spiritual instruction of asceticism from a prostitute's (Chintamani's) mouth,by Your grace, You urged me on the path of loving devotion(esp to Krishna).Have mercy to make the same seed of religious devotion which has sprouted because of the grace of my guru or spiritual preceptor, grow luxuriantly and be fruitful; that is why my mind ardently longs to catch a glimpse of You.

The Lotus Face of Lord Krishna, the Flute Player

Make me relish the divine play of Your beauteous form. O Nath! Now You only tell me by which means should I actually see that lotus face of the enchanting Flute Player, which is difficult to find in rishis, munis and gods, with these eyes. Why are you delaying in revealing this?
isht: favoured deity

kinnaras:  a being with a human body and a horse's head, reckoned among the gandharvas (as divine musicians or singers)

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