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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Twenty-nineth Sloka

mayi prasadam madhuraih katakshair 
vamshi-ninadanucarair vidhehi 
tvayi prasanne kim iha 'parair nas
tvayy aprasanne kim iha 'parair nah 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna's Sidelong Glance Accompanies His Flute Play

Show that You are pleased with my by casting upon me Your sweet sidelong glances moving to the accompaniment of Your flute song. If I have Your blessings I can not be harmed by other people who are displeased with me. Besides what can I gain if You are not pleased and others are pleased with me?

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Braj Beauties Passionately Drawn by Krishna's Flute Play

Assuming the form of a sakhi, Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj entreats very humbly in his love-struck state, 'O Nath! Have mercy on me through the melodious sound of Your flute. Circulate love in my heart by Your flute play. The play of Your flute is such that one loses complete consciousness of other worldly enjoyments. Ah! The Braj beauties are passionately drawn by its juicy sentimental effect. The sweetness of that lila or divine play is manifesting in front of Shri Bilavmangal ji's eyes.

The Gopis of Braj Rush to Lord

 KrishnaThus he describes, “ When this charming supreme lover, the wealth of my heart, breathes the mantra of His love into the holes of the flute and loads it with an inviting sound and makes the flow of raga or love gush forth, then that flow of rasa runs swiftly and reaches the ear holes of hordes of Braj gopis thirsting for this love. Hearing the music divine they are prompted to rush out of their homes-leaving behind their earthly chores, their families, their duties.They have no inkling as to where they were going and why?  Bound by the cord of that sound they are being passionately drawn. The ravishing melody of their girdles' zone of bells and the tinkling of their anklets are the followers of that flute play.”

Lord Krishna Romantically Dallies with a Brajbala

 withAt this end the fickleness of their supreme lover's heart is gushing forth in the melodious sweet notes of the flute. His naturally loving heart is now incapable of keeping the load of love within himself, and rippling with joy this love begins irrigating the inner core of His beloved gopis' hearts. The redness of this new intoxication is splashing in His eyes. His throbbing chest wants to snuggle in the throbbing bossom of some Brajbala. He stands showering rasa or divine nectar. He sees these love-struck intoxicated maidens, as they come running, sort of drenched in rasa.

 Drenched in Sweat, Gopis Move in a Delicious Anguish to Krishna 

Now the flute play has stopped but the charming tinkling of metal bracelets, girdles and anklets becomes sharper. Their necklaces are swinging flirtatiously around their necks. They come absolutely close now, drenched in sweat and none of them know anything about the other. With His lotus hands supreme lover Krishna is allaying their beads of fatigue. After resting for some time when they came to their senses the gopis see with half-opened eyes that Priyatam Krishna is relieving  their fatigue with love play. The wave of ardour cascading from His holy limbs makes these maidens sort of helpless and their hearts are filled with a delicious anguish.

Shri Lilashuk is Smitten by the Flute play & Sidelong Glance of Krishna

Ecstatic when Shri Lilashuk has seen the lila or playful dalliance he becomes conscious of the outward mundane world. Soon after, he becomes distressed by the anguish of separation and prays with an ardent longing, “ Sprinkle me with Your sweet sidelong glance along with Your flute play. When your tender fingers  playfully dance on the flute, I will be bathed in the constant sweet flow, gushing from your eyes.

Lord Krishna's Blessings are the Means of Attaining Him

In my opinion,only the sound of the flute is the means of all means. If the sound of this flute play enters my ears even once, the multiple foolish ignorant gush of my heart will turn upside down and face You. As fruition I will also be able to attain You like the gopis. This is the same Ganga or flooding water of the flute play which is capable of taking the person who falls into its flow to the source (Gangotri). In case I get your merciful glance and attain your favour there will be no need of other means. Your favour is the siddhi or attainment of all means. And in case I do not have Your blessings and favour I will not benefit by other people being pleased or displeased with me or by other means.
Thus I pray, over and over again, that make me achieve my goal by the mellifluous sound of Your flute and by your sweet sidelong glace.

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