Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Shiv Stuti [8]

Raag Raamkali

Dev badhe, daata badhe, sankar badhe bhore |

kiye door dukh sabnike, jinh-jinh kar jore ||1||

seva, sumiran, poojibau, paat aakhat thore |

diye jagat jahan lagi sabai, sukh, gaj, rath, ghore ||2||

gaanv basat baamdev, main kabhoon na nihore |

adhibhautik baadha bhaii, te kinkar tore ||3||

begi boli bali barjiye, kartooti kathore |

tulsi dali, roondhyo chahain satth saakhi sihore ||4||

The Five-faced Lord Shiva

O Shankar! You are a great god, very generous and so gullible. Without any discrimination you annihilate the sorrows of those who fold their hands before you ||1||

One can make do with just a few belpatras (leaf of the wood-apple tree, as offered to Shiva) and grains of rice while serving, meditating and worshipping you; but in exchange you give elephants, chariots, horses and all the luxuries available in this material world ||2||

O Vamdev! (Vamadeva appears on the right hand side of the five-faced Shiva. It is the preserving face/aspect of Lord Shiva,considered the peaceful, graceful and poetic one). I live in Kashi, your village (Banaras where Shiva forever dwells) and have never asked you for anything. Now in the form of worldly anxieties your retinue of evil attendants have begun troubling me. ||3||

Therefore I beg of you to quickly summon those doing these harsh deeds and rebuke them. Because these malicious people want to crush the tulsi (sacred basil plant) of Tulsidas and plant trees of fraudulence (deception).