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9th & 10th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 9th Verse

Davan-duvan-dal bhuvan-bidit bal,

Baid jas gaavat bibudh bandeechor ko |

Paap-taap-timir tuhin-vightan-patu,

Sevak-saroruh sukhad bhaanu bhorko ||

Lok-parlokten bisok sapne na sok,

Tulsike hiye hai bharoso ek aorko |

Ramko dulaaro daas baamdevko nivaas,

Naam kali-kaamtaru kesri-kisorko ||

The one who is renowned the world over for his valiant deeds which destroyed the troops of demons. The Vedas sing his glories that who else except Pavan Kumar (the son of the Wind God) could release the deities from prison? You are expert in reducing the frost of dark sins and suffering, and are very much like the early morning sun in pleasing the lotus like devotee.Tulsi's heart implicitly trusts Hanumanji and he does not worry about the mundane world or the next world even in his dreams, being free from grief.

The name of the son of Kesari who is the darling of Ramchandraji and the living presence of Shiva (one of the eleven Rudras) is like the kalpavriksha (one of the fabulous trees of Krishna's paradise that grants all desires) in the yuga of kali (name of the last and worst of the four ages, at the end of which the world is to be destroyed).

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 9th verse

Jaahnuni Setukrit Paatu janghey dasha mukhaantakah I

Paadau vibhishan shreedah paatu Ramokhilam vapuh ||

May Rama who built the bridge protect my two knees, may Rama who killed the ten-faced demon (the slayer of Ravana) protect my two shins, and may Rama who gave divine majesty to Vibhishan protect my two feet. And thus may Shri Ram safeguard my entire body.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 10th Verse


Mahabeer bidit barayo Raghubeerko |

Kulis-kathortanu jorparai ror ran,

Karuna-kalit man dhaarmik dheerko ||

Durjanko kaalso karaal paal sajjanko,

Sumire haranhaar Tulsiki peerko |

Seey-sukhdaayak dulaaro Raghunaayak ko,

Sevak sahaayak hai saahsee sameerko ||

You have reached the pinnacle of valour, are intensely fearsome, very courageous and the greatly powerful renowned warrior chosen by Raghunathji. Having a body as hard as a diamond when Hanumanji makes use of his might, pandemonium breaks loose on the battlefield.Willingly he acts with loving tenderness and steadfastness at every place.For the wicked he is as terrifying as kaal ( Yama, the god of death)

and is a protector of the virtuous, who alleviates the sorrow of Tulsi when we do smarana or contemplate upon him. Pavan Kumar is the giver of joy to Sitaji, the darling of Raghunathji and he is very daring (bold) in helping sevakas or devotees.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 10th verse

Etaam Ram balopetaam rakshaam yah sukriti patthet I

Sa chiraayuh sukheeputri vijayi vinayi bhavet ||

The virtuous man who reads this stotra (hymn) abounding with the power of Rama, is blessed with a long life, happiness, has a son, is triumphant and endowed with humility.

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