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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Ninety-seventh Shloka

tat tvan mukham katham ivambuja-tulya-kakshyam
avaci nanu parvarii parvariindoh
kim bruve kim aparam bhuvanaika-kantam
tvad ananam anena samam nu yat syat ||97||

Simple Meaning:

 Krishna's Face Can Not be Compared to the Moon or Lotus

O Krishna! How can I compare Your face to the lotus or the moon? The lotus shrivels at night so how can it be equated to Your lotus face which forever blooms. And as far as the moon is concerned it simply attains an unmentionable state on new moon day. O flute player, which other thing in the universe can possibly equal the loveliness of Your face? How can I equate such a worthless moon to Your moonlike face which blooms constantly? Your moonlike face is unequalled and incomparable.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna's Flute Enchants the Bhuvanas

The svarupas of Your other incarnations are beautiful but this lovely flute which enchants the bhuvanas, the cosmological regions, is posited on the moonlike face of which incarnate form of Vishnu?Or in other words it is not.

Therefore Your moonlike face whose sweetness and captivating quality is doubly enhanced by Your unprecedented melodious flute play, can not be equated to anything else in the three worlds.

The Flowing Sweetness of Krishna's Moon Face 

The beauty, lustre and sweetness of of Krishna's moon face, has an ever increasing freshness. Lord Krishna is new every moment, like the water of a flowing sweetness, thus His face can not be compared to the moon under any circumstances.

Krishna's Flute Play Intoxicates Animate & Inanimate Beings

Shri Lilashuk has said that the flute sound is the nectarean pollen of Krishna's lotus face. This nectarean flow intoxicates everyone,including the animate and inanimate beings. On hearing His flute song, immovable beings become movable and movable beings become immovable, as they are spellbound.

 Krishna's Lotus Face Blooms Forever

O Krishna, How can I compare Your lotus face to an ordinary lotus? A lotus blossoms in the daytime with the sun's rays, but Your lotus face blooms day and night. Thirsting devotees like countless Braj maidens, longing to relish this pollen, hover around Your lotus face like black bees. From where can this worldly moon obtain Krishna's sidelong glance loaded with an intoxicating quality, the smiling waves quivering and dancing on Your pair of lips, the juicy waves of love and affection gushing and springing up from every limb of Yours.

Thus Your face can not be compared. Your lotus face is forever incomparable.
sakhi ek ek nakh ki chhavi par |
shat koti koti shashi balihari |

(Madhuras Nirjhar - 2)

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