Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn [73] Makes a Humble Petition to Lord Ram

Raag Bhairav

We Must Awaken Spiritually

jaagu, jaagu, jeev jadh! johaai jag-jaaminee |

deh-geh-neh jaani jaaise ghan-daaminee ||1|

sovat sapanehoon sahaai sansriti-santaap re |

boodhyo mrig-baari khaayo jevreeko saanp re ||2||

kahaain baid-budh, too to boojhi manmaahin re |

dosh-dukh sapaneke jaage hee paai jaahin re ||3||

tulsee jaagete jaay taap tihoon taay re |

ram-naam suchi ruchi sahaj subhaay re ||4||

Lightning Within Clouds

Oh foolish being ! Wake up, awaken (spiritually)! Have a look at the night of this (illusionary) world! Consider the love for this body, home and family to be as transitory as the lightning within the clouds, which flashes for a moment and hides soon after ||1||

Drowning in a Mirage of Water

(Not only during the span when you are awake) but even during the time span when you are asleep, you are just bearing the hardships of this material world; Oh ! You are gradually drowning in the water of a mirage because of deception.

Human Bonding in the Mundane World

And the snake of a (human) bond is biting you ||2||

The Vedas & Scholars

The Vedas and learned scholars are repeatedly calling out and stating that all the sorrows and vices of our dreams are actually destroyed when we wake up (evolve spiritually). You must ponder over and understand this reality ||3||

Selfless Love for Lord Ram, Arises in Our Heart

O Tulsi! The *three painful sufferings of this world are expelled when we awaken from the sleep of ignorance. And that is precisely when a selfless, spontaneous and sincere love for the name of Shri Ram arises( in our heart) ||4||

three painful sufferings: Man has to encounter sorrow from three sources while on earth. The scriptures mention these and ask us to be on guard. They are aadhyaathmic (an individual, personal sorrow which afflicts man through physical & mental illnesses), aadhibhowthic (the second faction of sorrows, is created from external elements and derived from living beings like snakes, wild animals, worms, insects and so on) and aadhidhaivic (the third kind of sorrow arises from the super natural and troubles mankind through calamities like floods, droughts, storms and so on.)

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