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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita': Ninetieth Shloka

akhila-bhuvanaika-bhushanam adhibhushita-jaladhi-duhitri-kuca-kumbham |
marakata-nayaka-maha-manim vande ||90||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna is Resplendent Like an Emerald Amongst Gopis

I bow down to Lord Krishna who is the only ornament of the entire world, the ornament of the pitcher-like breasts of Shri Radha,the daughter of Jaladhi, and the emerald or central jewel in the necklace of young girls of Vraja.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna Ornaments Shri Radha's Bosom

I respectfully salute Krishna, the treasury of compassion, who is the secret treasure of the Shrutis1, the treasure of munis' meditation, the treasure of the hearts of all devotees, the only ornament of the entire world, the treasure trove of Vraja's sports. The multicoloured treasure who is romantically dallying and radiantly flashing in front of a lowly person like me. I bow down to Krishna who is the ornament of the pitcher like breasts of Lakshmi(daughter of Jaladhi) .

Vrishbhanu, the Ocean of Krishna's Love

By the word Jaladhi-Billavmangalji means Shri Vrishbhanu Babu, the ocean of Lord Krishna's undivided love. Bhanu, who is attracted by the soft rays of Krishna and becomes jaladhi, the treasure of water. I pray to Lord Krishna who adorns the breasts of Sri Radha, the daughter of a gopa named Bhanu.

Krishna is Like an Emerald Amidst Gopis

On looking at the circle of gopis standing around him, Shri Billavmangalji exclaims," Oh! Lord Krishna is not just adorning the heart of Shri Radha but also ornamenting the bosoms of all Braj maidens. It seems that the young girls of Vraja are the necklace and Lord Krishna is gleaming like a resplendent emerald on their hearts just like a central jewel is set in a necklace of gold. Oh! It is so astonishing. Since He is beyond the perception of mind, voice and intelligence therefore Billavmangalji says 'vande' or 'I bow.'

Lord Krishna is the Adornment of Vrindavan

'Oh God! You are the ornament of the Tribhuvana, the three worlds. The principal place amongst all the bhuvanas is just one and that is 'Sri Vrindavan Dham.'It is the supreme dham which grants bliss, is chinmay or an embodiment of knowledge,is loaded with rasa and religious rapture. You are the ornament of Sri Vrindavan.'

Love of the Gopis, the Zenith of Spiritual Awareness

The bliss which even Lord Shiva, Brahma and Sri Lakhsmi could not attain the zenith of such religious rapture was attained by the gopis.

Bhaktas want to roll about in the dust of Shri Vrindavan,they do not desire to step out of this sacred land.

Shri Bhattji Maharaj says:
re man vrinda vipin nihar |
vipinraj seema ke bahar, hari ho ko na nihar I
yadyapi milen koti chintamani, tadap na haath pasar |
'Jai Shri Bhatt' dhuli-dhusar tan, yeh asha ur dhar ||

Chant the Name of Shri Radha-Krishna in Vrindavan

Whatever difficulties you may have to endure while residing in Shri Vrindavan, keep bearing them patiently. Keep chanting the name of Shri Radha-Krishna compassionately with anguished teary eyes and in an ecstatic voice. Endowed with an eager longing to reside in Vrindavan, keep wandering around like a pauper.

Shri Vrindavan is the true wealth of our lives.

Goddess Lakshmi is Priyaji

adhibhushita-jaladhi-duhitri: Shri Laksmi is Priyaji, the beloved of Krishna. In Vraja Sri Radha is called 'Sriji.' Vraja Mandal is jaladhi, the treasure of water. The lotus of Sri Vrindavan is blooming in this body of water. Above all, Kishorji was found cradled in a lotus flower and was nurtured by Bhanu Baba. Lord Krishna ornaments her heart and is the beauty of her bosom. He is relaxing on the breasts of Kishoriji(beauty and grandeur)

You are the Adornment of My Heart

tum haar shringar mere man ka:
Once Lord Krishna told Kishori ju- on seeing my reflection in the various gems set in your necklace, I am still not satisfied, even on clinging to you in so many forms?Sri Kishoriji smiled, the answer could not be expressed in words.

Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lover of the Gopis
Shri Billavmangalji is praying to that very Lord Krishna who is managing the love of the young cowherdesses and is their nayaka or Supreme Lover. Lord Krishna is the central jewel of the necklace of Vraja maidens as well as the SuMeru of their necklaces.

1 Shruti: "that which is heard" and refers to the body of most authoritative, ancient religious texts comprising the central canon of

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