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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eighty-eighth Shloka

tad ucchvasita-yauvanam tarala-shaishavalamkritam ,  
mada-cchurita-locanam madana-mugdha-hasamritam |  
prati-kshana-vilobhanam pranaya-pita-vamshi-mukham ,  
jagat-traya-vimohanam jayati mamakam jivitam ||88||

Simple Meaning:

 The Flute is Very Dear to Krishna

 All glories to Krishna, my very life and charming enchanter of the three worlds. Youth is bursting forth from every limb of His. Bidding goodbye to young childhood is Krishna's adolescence(childhood mingled with youth). The intoxication of Kandarpa(god of love) is flashing from His eyes. Even Madana is captivated by the nectar of His smile which is beguiling every moment. Krishna's mouth is about to kiss the flute, our dear sakhi, with immense love.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna, the Very Life of Billavmangalji

Addressing Lord Krishna, his very life, as an embodiment bliss and of nectar, Billavmangalji is expressing his feelings but is not satisfied.
In great preacher Shri Haripriyaji's words:
piya kahon ki priya kahon, main pran kahon ki pyari tokon,
hon hee kahon ki hon tu hi kahon, jeeya kahon ki jyari tokon ||

A Maiden Smitten by Krishna

 All glories to the captivating Murli Manohar, reigning over the three lokas. How unique and interesting is this blue-hued enchanting form. The combination of childhood and youth. The mingling of tenderness, simplicity and capriciousness is truly adorable. His childhood play is becoming something more elusive, peeping from His soft sweet limbs, Youth has not fully bloomed yet, there is some shyness and helplessness left. Every fibre of Krishna's being is longing to relish rasa, an impatience to irrigate some young maiden with His madhuri or cool sweetness is exuding from every limb of His.

Gopis Know Krishna
Under cover of this simple tremulous young childhood the capriciousness and restlessness of youth is peeping. Relishable by the mind, eyes and heart, there are no words to express this sweet beauteous form of Krishna.

Billavmangalji says :

nAtha vedanti gopikA
(27th shloka Krishna-karnamrita)
" Oh Lord! Only the gopis know your glance always moving. Your speech full of love,Your gait majestic and enchanting, Your close embrace and Your intoxicating smile."

Boat Stuck in a Whirlpool

"It is true! How can speech or writing express this form of Yours? How helpless am I ...wherein my mind caught up in waves of Your  beauteous form is like a boat stuck in a whirlpool. I am unable to express this intoxicated state of mine and its ecstasy...the gush of coolness, tenderness, charm and fragrance of that ineffably beautiful Krishna. The three lokas are invariably mesmerized by this ineffable beauty of His. But everyone is not fortunate enough to relish it. By getting a mere particle of the gopis' leftovers, the hearts of rasikas churned up, and unknowingly they could give a little description of that infatuated state...but who can possibly plumb the depth of this condition.

Beautiful Wide Lotus Eyes of Krishna

"Ah! Such an alluring, flirtatious intoxication is gushing forth from these beautiful wide lotus eyes. What are these eyes?They are huge saucers loaded with nectar! Ah!Just look, He is standing right in front...under shade of that lotus cluster. Intoxication is cascading from the saucers of His mind and heart continue to drown in them. The surge of this intoxication-laden eyes has no respite.What has the mischievous Supreme Lover thought of doing today?Why is He passionately drawing my very essence with this gaze of His. Drowning in the waves of this intoxicated lotus who can be mindful of his surroundings and remain in his senses...If this intoxication was there only by Krishna's glance one could still take control of oneself...

Krishna's Heart-Stealing Laughter

"But madana-mugdha-hasamritam is ravaging on top of that.Oh! He doesn't have the slightest mercy on us...what shall we do...where shall we go? To whom should we talk about our love struck state. Oh mischievous one! What is this you are doing?Agreed that the ocean of intoxication keeps surging in your glance and spontaneous laughter...? So what have You resolved to do today?

Madana, the God of Love

"Oh, sweet bestower of nectar! Are You bestowing nectar on us or are You looting our minds, hearts, the very essence of our lives.Of course, this loot is reproachable. Alas, how helpless we are!Nothing is in our hands! Even Madana (Cupid) has been enchanted by Your laughter. Helpless, he has become subservient to You and is now devoid of mada or intoxication, Since you are the new heart-stealing Madana there can be no other Madana .

Gopis, Passionately Drawn to Krishna

"'But oh what has happened to us. Why are we longing to break all social constraints and run towards you? Why are we getting drenched,over and over again, in the enchanting intoxicating nectarous laughter surging on your face. Every second you are making us freshly greedy, since you are eagerly desirous yourself. What can we frail women do as You are making us covetous like Yourself.

Dark-hued Krishna Kisses the Flute

"That flute is resplendent on your face, You are making it drink the nectar of Your lips. Your drink is also probably the melodious rasa loaded in it. Immersing the flute in the nectar of Your lips, You are relishing the passionate rasa of its love...We know of your clever are greedy to savour more and more of this rasa.You are extremely fond of this flute who is our dear sakhi. Kissing the flute You are relishing its love, is that what is filling Your saucer like eyes and making this intoxicating current gush forth.This is the truth, for certain.

Gopis Long to Relish Krishna's Rasa

 "Enough...Supreme Lover! You are our life, the very essence of our life.We have been smitten by Your fresh loving entreaties, Youth adorned with childhood, eyes from which nectar cascades, enchanting laughter and Your tasting love through the spellbinding flute.Supreme Lover, do irrigate us with the gush of your rasa now."

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