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When is Chhathi: 6th day after birth of Ramji?

When is chhathi or sixth day after birth of Ramji? As He was born on naumi, apparently the sixth day should fall on Poornima. When King Dashrathji, Ma Kaushalya and all the residents of Ayodhya were celebrating Ramji's chhathi; Ma Anjani and King Kesari were making merry on the birth of Hanumanji in the distant hillocks of Southern India simultaneously. In the year 2008, since Sri Ramnaumi was on 14th April, Sri Hanuman Jayanti fell on 20th April, Sunday.

Even otherwise chhathi plays a significant role in a new-born's life. After a child’s birth relatives and distant friends get the joyful news in 2-3 days time. Therefore it is feasible on for the entire lot to reach the newborn’s residence and bless the baby on the sixth day. When Lord Krishna was born, demoness Pootana exploited this busy ritual of parents Nandbaba-Yashoda and sneaked into Kanhaiya’s palace. Chhathikara the site near Mathura commemorates this incidence.

  • So let us celebrate chhathi of Ramji at Ayodhya along with the birth of Hanumanji cuddled in Ma Anjana's lap, popularly known as Hanuman Jayanti. Hanumanji, the most ardent devotee of Lord Rama, endorses the divine relation between these two pious dates. Accordingly let us humbly make obeisance at the holy feet of: Lord Rama, Bharat-Shatrughan-Laxmanji - Lord Hanumaan -- sage Yagvalkyaji and Goswami Tulsidassji .....after listening to Sunderkand at CHITRAKOOT .
  • We ought to visit Sri Hanumanji temples and bhandaras (meals provided for holy men.) nearby. Many followers journey to the famous Kashi Vishwanath temple in Banaras or Rajashtan's Balaji and Salesar temples on this divine occasion and enjoy the special bhandaras there. Since Hanumanji is Lord Shiva Incarnate, celebration of Hanuman Jayanti in the city of Banaras is highly significant spiritually and makes great Media-headlines.
  • Religiously chant the Sri Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkaand, paying tribute to Hanumanji’s birth. He was a great devotee of Shri Ramji.
  • Attain spiritual bliss by expounding the glories of His Ishtdev Ramji as under:

How to interact with Lord Rama

If we listen to stories from the cosmic world of Ramji and His divine play,it means we are interacting with Him. There is no difference whatsoever between His form, His name, His pastimes, and He Himself. Shri Ram is absolute. Therefore whether we chant the divine name of Rama or propritiate His idol, or sing His glories we are associating with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Taking full advantage of these auspicious days when the incarnation of God appears or disappears, we try to connect with Him.

PS: Last year on the auspicious Sri Hanuman Jayanti, 2nd April, 2007, a 108 feet gigantic Hanumanji statue was unveiled at Karol Bagh in New Delhi . This year on 20th April, 2008, they added another feature. Now Hanumanji opens His heart, revealing Lord Ramji-Sitaji within --quite a feast for the eyes and an excellent use of modern technology! Every Tuesday and Saturday, the grand temple has a special 7 pm programme--all Delhites and devotees may note this point. The temple is right adjacent to the Metro Station, making commuting an easy job.

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