Friday, April 22, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn [77], Makes a Humble Petition to Lord Ram

Raag Lalit

Shri Ram is the Very Life of Janaki ji

jaankee-jeevan, jag-jeevan, jagat-hit,

jagdees, raghunath, rajeevlochan ram |

sarad-bidhu-badan, sukhseel, shreesadan,

sahaj sundar, tanu, sobha agnit kaam ||1||

jag-supitaa, sumaatu, suguru, suhit, sumeet,

sabko daahino, deenbandhu, kaahooko na baam |

aartiharan, saranad, atulit daani,c

pranatpaalu, kripaalu, patit-paavan naam ||2||

sakal bisva-bandit, sakal sur-sevit,

aagam-nigam kahaain raavreie gungraam |

ihaai jaani tulsee tihaaro jan bhayo,

nyaaro kaai ganibo jahaan gane gareeb gulaam ||3||

Shri Ram, the Lord of the Race of Raghus

O Sri Ram ji ! You are the life of Janaki ji, the very soul of the universe, a well-wisher of the world, svami or Supreme Being of the world, Lord of the race of Raghus and have eyes which are just like a lotus.Your lovely face is like the autumnal full moon (of Sharad Poornima), and bestowing joy is your basic nature. Goddess Lakshmi forever dwells in your being. Innately your body is supremely beautiful, whose radiance is equivalent to countless Kamdevs ||1||

Shri Ram, an Ally of the Needy & Poor

You are the world's father who grants happiness, its mother and guru or spiritual preceptor, well-wisher, friend and favourable to everyone. You are an ally of the needy and poor, but do not bring wrong to anyone. You are the reliever of adversities, grant us shelter, immeasurably generous, a protector of refugees and compassionate.Chanting your Ram Naam (name), purifies the sinful ||2||

Goswami Tulsidas Enslaved to Shri Ram

The entire universe prays to you, all the gods attend to your needs, and the whole lot of Vedas-Shastras (ancient Indian scriptures), sing of your multifaceted virtues. Knowing this reality, Tulsidas was enslaved to you. Now please tell me, will you consider him separate or count him as one of the poor slaves enrolled in your service||3||

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