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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Twentieth Shloka

kala-kvanita-kankanam kara-niruddha-pitambaram ,
klama-prashrita-kuntalam galita-barha-bhusham vibhoh 
punah prakriti-capalam pranayini-bhuja-yantritam ,
mama sphuratu manase madana-keli-shayyotthitam 

Simple Meaning: 

Shri Radha-Krishna Wake up After a Romantic Dalliance

Shri Radha is pulling Krishna's pitambar with Her lotus hands which are ringing with the sweet sound of her metal bracelets. Shri Radha-Krishna's hair is dishevelled and tousled by the exertion of their love play. The peacock plume decking Lord Krishna's head and other ornaments are slipping. Even then, Krishna is bound in Shri Radha's embrace because of His fickle nature-May the vision of that same Vibhu's (Lord Krishna who is expert in those engaging love sports) extremely charming romantic dalliance- the divine play of Krishna rising from the bed of amorous divine play, flash forth in my mind.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Radha-Krishna Lying Down in a Nikuna

Shri Bilavmangal ji has made such a big demand in the above-mentioned shloka. Priya and Priyatam are lying down in some nikunja; lying down is just an excuse. Will anyone want to leave them after catching a glimpse of their desirable eternal beauty and after relishing their love sport. The loving Kishori Shri Radha has attained her supreme lover Madan Mohan in seclusion.

Shri Radha-Krishna Pull the Pitambar

Yes, it is going to be dawn; these two were fatigued due to dallying romantically for the entire night. They had just lied down to rest a bit when the faint light of dawn could be seen...but the mischievous dark-hued Krishna acted as He was sleeping once again. He covered himself with the pitambar along with Shri Radha.  One doesn't know what struck Him thereafter? He began pulling the pitambar whereas Shri Radha understood his cleverness. She observed His spirited antic and shyly pulled the pitambar towards herself and tried to wrap it around. Both of them began tugging the pitambar. Therefore the metal bracelets of their hands made a sweet sound with their clinking. Their appearances are dishevelled.

Their strands of hair are breaking loose, how long could they have remained tied in such a strenous time. Defeated, the peacock plume is also hiding somewhere. Who knows it may have gone to the lap of some yellow-hued Kishori and is resting there. Or the peacock plume may have gone and stuck to the chest of the supreme lover and to relish that supreme rasa. On being satisfied Krishna, the supreme lover, would raise the plume to His head once again, which he must be longing for. Gems have slipped from Priyaji's braided hair-both Shri Radha-Krishna are in a state of disarray.
Lord Krishna's Tires Shri Radha
punah prakriti-capalam: What to talk of Lord Krishna. He is supremely flirtatious. Moreover, His disposition is also so fickle. He can not sit still, calmly at one place-He must have really fatigued Priyaji  with His spirited antics.

The Interpersonal Romantic Exchange of Shri Radha-Krishna

pranayini-bhuja-yantritam: Hence she also wanted to make Him a prisoner. The capricious Shikhamani got imprisoned in Priyaji's passionate arms. Capriciousness is a unique trait of love. Krishna, the ocean of love, is not like the delightful ocean of brahman(all-pervading spirit of the universe) which is devoid of religious raputre.The infinite waves of swelling emotions gush forth in Lord Krishna. That is why both Shri Radha-Krishna are absorbed in an interpersonal romantic exchange. 

 'Shri Vrindavan Mahima Amrit'

Shri Pad Prabodhananda Saraswati ji Maharaj says in the 'Shri Vrindavan Mahima Amrit':
samchubya bimbadharam:these sweet bimba fruit lips of Krishna are forever irrigated by the gopis- because of getting amorous water from them they are probably blooming constantly and eternally.The more they are watered the redder they become. Fragrant love makes them more and more scented; passionately draws those gopis and their svamini Shri Radha, and the interpersonal romantic exchange begins once again.

 Clinking Bracelets of Shri Radha Krishna Ringing in the Nikunja

Well both Krishna, the  King of rasa and Shri Radha, the Queen of rasa-are showering love. In this commotion the enchanting sound of their metal bracelets exhibits  joyous abandon. So that the secret of their mysterious love play, the faint sound of Shri Radha-Krishna's frivolous dalliance may not be heard by anyone, and to save their beloved Svami and Svamini from the reproach of the sakhis, these bracelets are ringing that nikunja mandir with their melodious sound. It must have taken Shri Radha-Krishna time to wake up 

 Sakhis Gather at the Nikunja Entrance

therefore crowds of sakhis and sevikas must have gathered at the entrance, in the meantime.

May the Blue & Red Hue of Shri Radha-Krishna Manifest in My Heart

Steeped in the sakhi bhava ( sweet and total commitment and love for Krishna)Shri Bilavmangal would also be standing amongst the sakhis and expressing his desire in words-May the mass of blue and yellow hued light (of Lord Krishna and Shri Radha) flash forth in my heart.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

With the grace of Sh.Radharani,may my
mind remain blank so that the loveplay enter in my heart as Sh.
Bilavmangalji demanding in this Shloka.Very beautiful pictures are expressing everything in this Shloka.Really a Big job !!
Sometimes I really feel it is all beyond our reach.May God give us that special eye.