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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Ninety-third Shloka



bhuvanashrayam ||93||

Simple Meaning:

Shri Krishna, the Shelter of Cosmological Regions

I take shelter of that very Shri Krishna who is the shelter of all bhuvanas, who is eternally resplendent in the form of a human being,who has made the peacock feather the ornament of His head. And who is the essential essence of shringara rasa, the sentiment of sweet romance, and whose essential essence is the shringar rasa.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Krishna, Refuge of the Entire Universe

ashraye bhuvanashrayam: The One who is the refuge of the entire universe. He is the sutratman, the cosmic thread on which every particle of Creation is strung. 'sutre mani-gana iva': As beads are sewn on a thread so also God, the great Creator of the universe, is present in every particle of creation.

Shri Roop Goswami

shringara-rasa-sarvasvam and bhuvanashrayam: the composer has expounded the wholeness and unity of the divine principle, by referring to the opulence and sweetness of the love and greatness of Krishna. In 'Ujjwal Neelmani' the famous work of Sri Roop Goswami, Goswamiji has adorned Shri Krishna with the qualities of a 'dheer lalit ' nayak( nayaks are lovers of art,mild-tempered, easy going, tension free, soft happy who love comforts) and 'dheerodat '( brave and noble). Therefore Shri Krishna is the supreme nayaka and the essential essence of shrigar rasa.

'Sri Vrindavan Mahima Amrit'

Shri Prabhodanand Saraswatiji says in the 44th pada of the fourteenth shataka of  'Sri Vrindavan Mahima Amrit' that Shri Radha-Krishna reside in Vrindavan out of their own free will so that they are able to enjoy the many romantic dalliances, by adopting infinite forms and gracing infinite nikunjas with infinite bhavas, as they dally playfully. Due to this colourful projection of rasa Shri Radha seems to be 'svayam Rati1', the embodiment of love, and Shri Krishna is 'svayam Kamdev ,' the god of love.

The Peacock Feather Adorns Krishna 

shikhi-piccha-vibhushanam: The peacock feather is the adornment of Rasraj, the King of romance. Without which Krishna's singara is not complete. Just as Shri Krishna is the embodiment of pure shringara rasa similarly the peacock feather ornamenting His head signifies the pure shringar rasa of His. It seems that it is not a feather but the banner of extreme purity and brightness of shringara rasa fluttering on His head.

 Two Armed Human Form of Krishna

angi-krita-narakaram:the One who has manifested as a human being to delight those who are close to Him. This two armed human form of Sri Krishna is the original Personality of Godhead.(Shrimad Bhagavat 1.3.28)

angi mukhyastathabhuto krito narakaro yein:

Shri Krishna, a Manifestation of the Supreme Brahman

Shri Vishwanath Chakravarti says that His two armed form is the most superior. The rest like the Narayan svarupa and other manifestations of the Supreme are His extensions.
Shri Krishna's human form is a manifestation of His nij svarupa, or true identity as Supreme Personality of Godhead. He has acquired a body to bless entire humanity with His own charming playful dalliances.

Shringara Rasa is the Essence of Shri Krishna

shringara-rasa-sarvasvam: the underlying bhava is that shringara rasa is the essential essence of Shri Krishna, this is His madhurya aspect. And Shri Krishna is the essential essence of shringara rasa, this is the opulent aspect of this pada.Which means that the shringara rasa has been successful because of Shri Krishna. How did this come about?Lust which is said to be the gateway to hell, the same lust when connected to Krishna attains pancham purushartha, achieves religious devotion for the Lord, and attains the consciousness of prema or love.

 A Devotee is Purified by Krishna

Just as when a touchstone comes into contact with iron it transforms iron into gold.An impure object can be totally purified by being put through fire. Similarly our evil deeds and wrongdoings become righteous on coming in to contact with God. Where God is the shelter and subject, meaning the doer and deed therein all that is done for His sake takes on the form of 'satyam shivam sundaram' the mystic trinity: satyam, the truth; shivam, the good, the divine;and sundaram, the beauty it becomes the supreme dharma or righteous duty. So much so that when mental disorders like lust, anger etc., are offered at the feet of the Lord even they  assume the form of Krishna or become laden with qualities of Krishna.

How is Shri Krishna the essential essence of shringara rasa?

'Gita Govindam'

Shri Jaidev, The composer of 'Gita Govindam' has said that Krishna is the embodiment of shringara.
'Shringarah sakhi murtimaaniba madhau mugdho harih kreedati '
Sakhi, the great enchanter Krishna has acquired a body, a shape and appearance, as an embodiment of shringara,and is dallying in the moonlit autumnal nights. He has created this lila for His own joy and also to bless entire humanity. He is mugdho, engrossed in this performance.
He is not a measure but the zenith of a madhurya or sweet form. saundarya,  madhurya, lavanya, that is beauty, sweetness and lustre have reached the peak in His form.
The Ineffably Beautiful Krishna

ang ang bhavar pare: Krishna's limbs are marked by whirlpools of handsomeness. Constant waves of graceful beauty are rising in this infinite sweetness. How is it possible for a pair of eyes to contain this beauty?

Who can possibly express this newer and newer beauty? It is still possible to drain out water from the ocean by sea shells but to give a complete description of this freshly beautiful ocean of beauty is virtually impossible.
'Main inki chhavi parikar se haari ,' I was unable to give an overall description of His beauteous form, Krishna is nothing but madhurya. He is Rasraj, the King of shringara rasa.
The Shringara Rasa of Shri Radha-Krishna

Shri Krishna has not given up any skill of the art of dalliance. A new ardent longing, yearning for more and more, millions of kandarpas, the love gods, lose out in front of His romantic dalliance, and fall at His feet. Shri Radha-Krishna's shringara rasa is delightful to the ear, His playfully dalliance is replete with the art of cleverness-the amorous play of Kamdev has been accomplished here. Actually shringara rasa takes us to the very heart of the love of Shri Radha- Krishna, it is certainly adorned by their very forms. The shringara rasa of Shri Radha-Madhav has no beginning or end, therefore it is truly said :

' sada ek ras ek akhandit adi anadi anup
koti kalpa beetat nahin janat viharat yugal svarup || '

Shri Brahmaji says"

aho bhagyam aho bhagyam
yan-mitram paramanandam
purnam brahma sanatanam

  (Shrimad Bhagwat 10.14.32)

Shri Krishna, a Friend of the Gopas
'How greatly fortunate are Nanda Maharaja, the cowherd men and all  other inhabitants of Vraja! There is no limit to their good fortune, because the Absolute Truth, the source of transcendental bliss, the eternal Supreme Brahman, has become their friend.'

Therefore Shri Krishna is a manifestation of the Supreme Brahman in human form. He is the essential essence of shringara rasa and the shelter of all three lokas.Shri Billavmangal Maharaj is praying to take the shelter of this very Krishna.

1 Rati: the female counterpart, chief consort and assistant of Kamdev

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