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Shri Krishna-karnamrita: ' One hundred and Third Shloka

devas triloki-saubhagya-kasturi-tilakankurah | 
 jiyad vrajanganananga-keli-lalita-vibhramah ||103||

Simple Meaning:

Muska-Tilaka on Krishna's Forehead

Glories to this form of Krishna who is a harbinger of good fortune in the three worlds, whose forehead is marked with muska-tilaka and whose love and joy escalate by the love-sports of milkmaids of Braj.

The Rasa-laden Meaning:

The Romantic Dalliance of Krishna

Shri Billavmangalji says the lilas of Lord Krishna's childhood and youth are beautiful, but nevertheless the pure romantic dalliance of Rasik Shekhar, the Supreme Lover, are particularly dear to me.

The 'Anang Lila of Gopis with Krishna

As has been said:
charitam krishna devasya sarvmev adbhutam bhavet |
gopal lilasthapi sarvto ati manohara ||
(Padma Purana)

He is the zenith of the Braj maidens' good fortune. Their dalliance with the prince of Braj is transcendental, the 'anang lila' of the gopis dallying with Krishna who is identified as Kamadeva.

Gopis' Love for Krishna

His dalliance is not got anything to do with the gross mundane world 'puhupvas te patro'. The movement of this divine blissful dalliance is extremely subtle. 'gopi prem ki dhvaja ' the gopis' love for Krishna is transcendental love of the highest order. An ardent longing to meet the Supreme Lover, their eager desire is what gets the work done. The One whose love and joy escalates by the love-sports of Braja's milkmaids, that is Lord Krishna.

The Divine Couple, Shri Radha-Krishna

Steeped in the romantic dalliance and beauteous form of the divine couple some cowherdesses were delighted and began singing. Indicating to another, one of them said:
"Hey sakhi! Just look at this Rajkumar of Gokul!How radiant He looks. Such unrestrained beauty,sweet beauty.

Our Kishori, Shri Radha

"Musk has been smeared on the extremely tender fair limbs of our Kishori Radha, and given Her an enhanced lustre. Musk spots, marking Her, have bloomed brilliantly on finding this fair lustre. How beautiful is this sakhi, His heart's beloved. And Her auspicious limbs smeared with musk and soaked in that beauty.

The Supreme Lover Krishna

Ah!And our youthful Supreme Lover adorned with such a beauteous river. The camphor smeared on His blue-hued body is strikingly attractive. His limbs, the colour of the condensed sky, coloured by this yellow coat are becoming so heart-arousing...dark-hued limbs glowing with this yellow-hued rasa.

Shri Radha-Krishna Sketch Leaves on Each Other

Sakhi, listen to what happened one day:
kshipte varnnak-bhajne tarnnija poore parihasatah |
krishnnen bhruvmarchyya kutilamalokyanti tirah |
radhavakshsi chitrardh likhitam shrivats vibhrajite |
kashmirenn ghanshriya nij kuchakrishten purnam vyadhat |

The Supreme Lover placed some musky spots on His beloved Radha's bosom with saffron and through other fragrant means. He drew various types of leaves. Shri Radha mustered immense courage today, She herself began drawing pictures on His chest with a painter's brush. This led to some laughter and merriment. One doesn't know what happened that jokingly the Supreme Lover threw the colour palette into the blue-hued Yamuna. Priyaji, His beloved did not get offended and She too was in a merry mood.Besides,She looked at him with a sidelong glance on His throwing away the palette. Soon after, something struck Her and She picked up the brush and did something strange.

Colouring the brush with the yellow saffron colour smeared over Her bosom, Kishori Radha completed the half completed sketch of a leaf on the Supreme Lover's chest.

Priyaji had displayed unbelievable courage,and Krishna must have been enchanted by this act of Hers. One has no inkling as to how much this enchantment would have irritated Her, thus enchanting Him further and motivating Him to create some new playful dalliance. The two of them would be knowing that for sure. 'Chitrakeli Parangat,' which means 'adept in sketching pictures,' proved to be the apt name for them today.

Shri Radha-Krishna in Nikunja

The sakhis are peeping in through the creepers of the nikunja bhavan-The Supreme Lover and His Beloved are absorbed in sketching a picture.
One sakhi says,"Look sakhi! Supreme Lover Krishna has creatively drawn a fish on His Beloved's cheek, adulating which He is infatuated.

('anange pai chandan ki shobha|dekh sakhi| chhavi chhata yugal ki|
dekhi sakhi chhavi chhata yugal ki | '

'Madhu Ras Nirjhar-1,pg156)

And look sakhi! The Supreme Lover is now giving the brush in Priyaji's hands. She is also  extremely expert in sketching. )

Sakhis Watch Shri Radha-Krishna in Nikunja

Priya creates a mango shoot on the dark-hued arm of Priyatam and sketches a fresh young creeper on His chest. The Supreme Lover is enchanted as He loving watches Her. Priyaji is also infatuated on seeing this creation. Both are silent, are not able to say anything. One wonders what this silent infatuation will lead to? Overwhelmed by the rasa of passionate love one does not know what the two of them may end up doing. Now let us give them their privacy and get going. We will ask Kishori tomorrow what happened today, and about Her charming helplessness.

The Youthful Form of Krishna

Shri Billavmangalji is singing the glories of 'chitrakeli parangat,' the divine couple Shri Radha-Krishna. He says that I long for this youthful form of Krishna which is reared and nurtured by the love sports of Braj maidens, a transcendental love of the highest order, and becomes unique with the leaf sketches of musk. This is the svarupa of Krishna,a harbinger of good fortune in the three lokas, wearing a muska-tilaka, the dark spot of the beautiful beauty's married happiness. Your sweet romantic dalliance is an embellishment of the universe's good fortune. Rasikas believe that the further development of rasa is there in this very utsav of maharasa.

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